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Lipetsk power engineers reminded children of the rules of electrical safety


On the eve of winter holidays Lipetsk power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division reminded children about the danger of electric shock. The specialists of the branch in simple terms told the children of school # 1, school # 2 and # 3, and kindergartens “Fairy Tale”, “Daisy”, “Sun”, and # 7 in the city of Lebedyan about electricity, about the dangers it has if handled with neglect, explained the rules of electrical safety, and reminded of the need to follow them.

The power engineers believe that prevention of electrical injuries conducted on a regular basis helps reduce injuries to children at power facilities.

Special attention during the meetings is paid to behaviour near power facilities. “Remember, power facilities — not a place for fun and games! Be careful! Do not play near power facilities; do not climb on power line poles; do not touch a hanging or laying electrical wire, do not approach it closer than 8 metres; do not enter the premises of a stations, do not open the door and switchboards of electrical installations; do not crush insulators, do not throw foreign objects on wires. Do not ignore the warning signs. Take care of your life!”- sounded the keynote of the meetings.

The conducted tour around Lebedyanskiy Distribution Zone by the power engineers left the most vivid impressions on the schoolchildren, in which they could see the work of specialists, who provide power supply for the entire district.

The main topic of conversations in the kindergarten was proper handling of electrical appliances, which abound in modern homes. The power engineers reminded of what, you must not do in order to avoid suffering from the effects of the current, which has become customary in our homes — do not to pull the plug with the cable; do not take the wire of electrical appliances with wet hands; do not use faulty electrical appliances, and in any case, do not disassemble them being turned on.

In the end of the meeting the children received gifts from the power engineers — a memo on electrical safety and themed colouring books.

In total in 2012 the power engineers held 25 such events with the children of the Lipetsk region, which was fostering the culture of safe handling of electricity among the younger generation.

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