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Bryanskenergo will help prepare schoolchildren for participation in the competition for life safety


Workers of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division continue to work to prevent children’s electric injuries that is provided with the program to reduce the risks of injury to third-parties at facilities of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division for 2012.

Under the preventive measures the branch’s employees conduct for life safety teachers of educational institutions of the Bryansk region master classes where they explain to teachers, at which points they should focus special attention during lessons on electrical safety.

Staff of Bryanskenergo held a regular workshop for school teachers of the city of Bryansk and the Bryansk region. Training for teachers consisted of two parts. At the beginning of studies the branch’s staff told the teachers how to tell schoolchildren about the rules of safe use of electrical appliances and the rules of behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities.

In the second part of the training the teachers were given posters on electrical safety and disks on which materials were recorded for preventive activities, — developments and summaries of lessons on the prevention of children’s electric injuries, educational cartoons, colouring books and timetables, with the contained in them verses on the rules of behaviour near power facilities and leaflets. For the materials contained on the disc, a review was made and variants of their use during the lessons were proposed.

At the beginning of the school year IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division expanded the forms and methods of prevention of children’s electric injuries. Staff of EMERCOM in the Bryansk region passed methodical literature for lessons on fire and electrical safety. It was also planned to hold joint lessons on electrical safety by staff of Bryanskenergo and EMERCOM.

Soon Bryanskenergo plans to assist life safety teachers in training schoolchildren for the competitions for life safety. Boys and girls under supervision of workers of production control and safety Office will learn to provide first aid to the victim with electric shock using a dummy “Gosha”.

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