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Smolenskenergo reports on preparation of vehicles for winter


Weekly mechanization and transport Service of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division reports on the preparation of vehicles for the approaching winter.

Chief of Service Ivan Gerasimov explained that 30 transport sections are involved in the provision of vehicles in Smolenskenergo, with a total of 858 units of motive power. More than 550 vehicles of various types leave for the route every day — from the delivery of operational and mobile crews, to heavy road construction equipment for the repair and reconstruction of power facilities.

“The experience of operating in the harsh winter conditions in previous years has been taken into account in planning the vehicles upgrade. As a result of procurement of 2011-2012 more than 130 units of road transport with good cross-country ability have been purchased. Mainly these are UAZ vehicles to deliver crews of distribution networks Office of the branch, and the central services are not forgotten — all-wheel drive vehicles ‘MAVR’ based on Gaz 3308, ‘NEFAZ’ based on KAMAZ, all-terrain vehicles ‘TREKOL’ are available at each site of the services that will allow maintenance personnel to get to the most hard to reach places. Even truck cranes and hoists, which are essential in addressing emergency situations, were purchased primarily with four-wheel drive, which should greatly facilitate the work during the snow,” — stressed Ivan Gerasimov.

The preparation of vehicles for use in the autumn-winter period — an obligatory task, which includes a set of technical and organizational measures, such as conducting seasonal maintenance, safety inspection, changing technical fluids of vehicles for winter ones, equipping with winter tires and pads for special machinery, issuing regulatory documentation, holding targeted briefings to staff on the features of work in the period of low temperature and so on.

“Special attention when preparing vehicles for winter is given to quality heaters. For those vehicles where they do not exist or do not meet the standards, devices have been installed or replaced with new ones,”- said Ivan.

The service does not forget about the staff. We are currently upgrading sites, which transport sections are located at, and improving working conditions for employees. For example, in the Districts of ​​Electrical Networks (Distribution Zone) of the branch the gates of inspection ditches will be insulated, roof gutters of repair boxes will be cleaned, required supply of sand for gritting territories during icing will be prepared, and new winter clothing and shoes will be provided. These and other activities are aimed to create the most comfortable conditions for workers servicing motor transport.

The task of mechanization and transport Service — to provide quality maintenance of vehicles for winter and check that operating divisions to prepare it not less qualitatively.

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