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Lipetsk power engineers held a course on energy efficiency


A round table discussion was held in the administration of the Lipetsk region on the use of energy saving technologies in enterprises of all industries. It was attended by businessmen, representatives of the regional department of the development of small and medium enterprises, Office of energy and tariff of the Lipetsk region and energy companies of the region. IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division was presented by Deputy Director for Development and Sale of Services Alexander Kosolapov.

The central topic of the discussion was the use of infrared radiation for heating and the application of LEDs for lighting of large industrial buildings that significantly reduce energy costs. The use of this technology in the Lipetsk region was considered the most promising.

In accordance with the “Program of development of small and medium enterprises in the Lipetsk region for 2009-2012” businesses as an additional support measure are provided with subsidies for energy-saving technologies.

Those entrepreneurs have the right to receive the subsidies, who not only create and use energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies and materials, but also to carry out energy audits.

Alexander Kosolapov spoke about what tools Lipetskenergo uses for energy conservation and energy efficiency. Following the government’s policy on energy conservation, Lipetsk power engineers perform measures to reduce energy losses during transmission, organize upgrading and replacement of equipment, maintain records of energy resources. The activity is in line with the effective since 2010 in IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division program on energy conservation and energy efficiency. Thanks to the being performed redistribution of the load in the grid, the implementation of modern equipment, reconstruction of transformer substations, energy audits and improvement of metering systems, Lipetsk branch has succeeded in the period from 2010 to October 2012 to save about 59.5 million kWh, which in monetary terms is 93.8 million rubles. This amount of electricity, for example, would be enough to provide the energy needs of Chaplyginsky Distribution Zone throughout one year.

Lipetskenergo performs its activity to reduce consumption of energy resources not only at the company’s facilities, but also offers a number of related value added services to customers. Among the provided by the branch’s experts a energy services are as follows: designing measurement systems; installation and testing of meters; design, installation, replacement, commissioning and maintenance of AMI system, including its components; analysis, cleaning, replacement of transformer oils, diagnostics of electrical equipment; energy audits; development of measures on energy conservation and energy efficiency; making energy certificates; conclusion of energy service contracts; implementation of energy efficient measures, as well as counseling and providing information on all issues related to energy efficiency.

“The provision of these services is a major contribution to solving one of the national priorities as it contributes to the culture of consumption and allows achieve synergies in terms of energy saving, — stressed Alexander Kosolapov. — In addition, the economical use of electrical energy contributes to a partial solution of the issue of surplus generating capacity emerging in some parts of the region. What territory is now experiencing a shortage of electricity, and which has energy capacity for the future development of the business, you can see on an interactive map of the location of the main substations of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division with indication of their load, provided on the website.” The leader of Lipetskenergo added his speech with a clarifying presentation.

In order to get quality work performed using high-precision measuring equipment, advanced materials and technologies, as well as to take advantage of professional advice by specialists of Lipetskenergo on energy conservation and efficiency, you should contact the Customer Service Centres in Lipetsk, Yelets and Dankov, Distribution Zones, or submit a request on the website at under the section “Clients”. You can also use the around the clock Direct Power Hot Line at: 8 800 5050 115 (toll free).

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