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Specialists of Demidovsky Distribution Zone of Smolenskenergo care about electrical safety of children


Power engineers from Demidovsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division during the school year organize lessons on electrical safety in schools and day care centres in Demidovsky district of the Smolensk region.

First of all, experts conduct discussions with teachers and educators, give them information kits and sample lesson outlines for individual conduct of classes at school and tours, during which it can be shown what power lines and poles are, how a transformer substation looks like, as well as with what signs power engineers warn of high voltage hazard.

The power engineers tell educators and teachers about rules being in the proximity of energy facilities, teach them to “read” the warning signs, explain the basics of safe use of household electrical appliances. Special attention is paid to teaching adults to resuscitate people affected by the electric shock, and explain the nuances of resuscitation of children.

Demidovsky Distribution Zone annually participates in the commission for accepting schools and pre-schools for the new school year. During the check drawbacks are identified and eliminated that affect the risk of electric shock for people. Such systematic work has been done since 2005, which in turn, gave its result — in 2012 no serious drawbacks that require immediate attention.

“We have 16 schools and 6 pre-schools in our district. We started the 2012-2013 school year with the distribution to all schools of new posters, leaflets and tests for teaching and design of stands on prevention of electric injuries and prepared especially for children timetables with verses on safe use of electricity, board games on the same theme and colouring books for very small kids, — commented Chief of Demidovsky Distribution Zone Alexander Mikhailov. — Teachers and educators of children’s institutions have a huge responsibility, so they must be prepared for any situation, have the necessary knowledge and ability to convey information to children. We must help them in this.”

In addition to educational work the Distribution Zone conducts professional orientation. To attract young people to the energy industry the power engineers annually give tours for high school leavers of the district on the premises of the 110/35/10 kV “Demidov” substation.

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