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Bryanskenergo identified best chess players


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division held a branch championship in rapid chess among employees.

About twenty employees of Bryanskenergo took part in the most intelligent sports game. Among men gold was won by Engineer to maintain electricity networks of technical and production control department Maxim Dankin.

The tournament winner Maxim Dankin participates in tournaments at various levels. In late October, as a member of the team of IDGC of Centre he participated in open chess tournament in memory of Mikhail Botvinnik.

Silver went to Chief of Vygonichskoy Distribution Zone Vladimir Shmatkov. Third place went to Head of social relations department Alexey Shmatkov.

Among women, the first was Specialist of CRM department Olga Protasova, the second — Engineer of operational and technological service of the Grid Control Centre Galina Kharitonova, the third — Engineer of customer relations of grid connection department Olesya Zubareva. All the winners were awarded prizes.

The tournament was supervised by referee of regional category, international master, Vice — President of the Chess Federation of the Bryansk region Alexander Podymov, with whom wishing branch’s employees after the tournament played a simultaneous display. One of the participants in the simultaneous display — Specialist of operation of telecommunications of operation service of supervisory and technology control and IT Mikhail Stranadko — managed to beat the master.

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