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Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Centre identified the best structural units of fire fighting in 2012


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division summed up the contest for the best fire fighting condition among 26 Districts of Electrical Networks (Distribution Zones), substations service, power lines service, and mechanization and transportation service of the branch. At the end of the review Smolensksky, Rudnyansky and Yartsevskiy Distribution Zones were named as fire fighting reference models, where fire safety requirements are observed without question.

Conducting an annual review contest helps improve the level of fire prevention and increase the role of staff of branches to prevent fires at electrical network facilities. The results of the review allow to fully assess the state of fire safety in structural units and to develop measures to prevent fires.

The main purpose of such activities — improving fire safety and checking the readiness of power grid facilities of Smolenskenergo to stable and trouble-free operation at autumn-winter peak loads, increasing the level of staff training on the practice of actions for fire suppression, knowledge and compliance with established requirements, standards and fire regulations, and acquisition of practical skills in fighting fires.

One of the main criteria for assessing the divisions was fire fighting condition and readiness of personnel, as well as fire extinguishers for emergency situations. As part of the review planned checks of the status of fire safety of buildings, structures and premises of the Distribution Zones were performed, availability and serviceability of primary fire extinguishing equipment, fire alarm and water supply was inspected.

Compliance with fire safety is the key to safe work. During 9 months of 2012, experts of the branch took more than 500 measures to improve the level of fire safety. IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division on a regular basis conducts not only reviews of fire fighting status of structural units , revealing leaders of fire fighting, but also fire safety days (twice a year), as well as unscheduled fire drills to eliminate fire in 35 — 110 kV substations together with EMERCOM of Russia. This year 27 such trainings have been held.

Please, be reminded that following the results of the contest for the best fighting condition in 2010 Smolenskenergo took the third place among the branches of IDGC of Centre with a score of 82.2% of the evaluation criteria performance, giving the winner only 2%. In 2011 the branch was the best for firefighting condition.

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