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Veterans of Yarenergo share their experience


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division held a conference call of the Veterans’ Council led by Chief Engineer of the branch Vladimir Grigoriev. The event was attended by veterans of the executive office of Yarenergo and eighteen Distribution Zones of the branch.

At the meeting Vladimir Grigoriev told veterans of the work, which is performed by the branch’s management today, and shared the plans of the company in the near future. Chairman of the Veterans’ Council Viktor Grachev summed up the work of the Council for 9 months of the year and outlined objectives for the 4th quarter of 2012.

The topic of interaction of OJSC “Federal Grid Company” and IDGC of Centre provoked a lively discussion. Joint inspections FGC and IDGC of the state of networks and production facilities of Yarenergo, which confirmed the high level of Yaroslavl power engineers’ preparation for the winter, were evaluated by representatives of the older generation.

Also, the event’s participants recalled the freezing rain in the Moscow region in December 2010. Then the weather caused massive power outages as a result of which it was decided to put the main efforts of power engineers for clearing and expansion of ROWs.

Separately the veterans touched upon the actual problem of electrical safety. According to the representatives of the older generation, it is necessary to tell more often people about the dangers of approaching electric power facilities, to bring the authorities to inform, as well as teachers in educational institutions.

“Thanks to the work of our veterans a very serious problem of succession of generations is solved. Our veterans have a lot to teach. I communicate with the veterans and know very well that these people had never been easy in life, many of them had overcome some difficulties, gaining experience. And the fact is very important that veterans are willing to share it, and it helps us today solve many problems”, — stressed Vladimir Grigoriev.

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