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IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division continues to pay great attention to the safety of employees


Another safety day took place in all Distribution Zones of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division. During the event the state of permanent work places, records of audio recorders with registration of operational talks in the listening log was checked, the work permit check system and provision with technical documentation was verified. Experts also evaluated the state of protective equipment, staffing, storage, inventory, inspection, testing, compliance with the list, the appointment of persons responsible, logging, and presence of protocols. Holding emergency drills to prevent emergency situations in accordance with the schedule and insulation of manufacturing, technology, consumer and administrative offices was check.

A special commission estimated operational efficiency and safety of boiler and diesel generator sets, the presence of the repair log, the appointment of responsible persons, technological and electrical schematics, manuals, protocols of boiler and ground loop insulation resistance measurement, shrouds on rotating parts, etc.

Availability and readiness to use emergency stock of equipment and materials needed to perform restoration operations were also checked.

For the employees of the Information Technologies Office briefings were scheduled on the organization of work according to work permit at devices of the supervisory control system, work while testing cable communications lines with increased voltage, study and repetition of general rules for use, storage and registration of protective gear. Protective equipment, manual insulating tools and operation of control and technology management means were inspected.

At a switched off electrical installation and technical offices personnel of the service of relay protection, automation, measurement and metrology was trained on safety and technology of work to test relay protection and automation devices with operating current and voltage. At the same time the employees of the service performed work at a substation with a megger, measured the insulation resistance with it, and determined the insulation resistance of a blower electric motor, a cable with voltage up to 0.4 kV, pole and rod insulation.

For relevant staff training was conducted on the main dangerous and harmful factors, and protection measures from direct contact with live parts of the equipment, the staff once again reiterated the safety requirements when extinguishing the fire, and personnel requirements, servicing electrical installations.

For employees of the power lines service a theoretical and practical training class on the technology to perform work when connecting wires by welding.

Employees of diagnostics service learned the method of measuring the impedance of the loop “zero-phase” and the method of checking continuity between grounded installations and elements of a grounded installation.

For staff of the service of mechanization and transport the release of vehicles to a route was provided for. Issues of extraordinary briefings with study of safety measures on roads in the changed circumstances were considered again, the issues of communicating to staff information about the driving conditions on roads, including weather conditions.

In all structural units protective equipment, tools and accessories were inspected, the sanitary state of passenger seats in cars was checked, in premises and in territories.

Smolenskenergo created a system of inspections of the state and safety conditions in Distribution Zones, regular comprehensive, topical and unscheduled checks, rounds and inspections of workplaces are held. During monthly safety days the state of affairs is analyzed, and work experience is generalized. So a regular safety day is only part of focused, long-term work of the branch in the field of occupational safety of personnel.

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