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Tambov power engineers are improving the reliability of power supply


Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division conducted a comprehensive overhaul of overhead power lines in the settlements in the service area of Michurinsky Distribution Zone.

In 2012, Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre spent more than 3.5 million rubles on major repairs of networks in these districts. As a result, three transformer substations of 10/0.4 kV, over 15 km of 10 kV conductors, and 13 km of 0.4 kV conductors were reconstructed. 250 wooden poles were replaced with concrete, and more than 15 kilometres of wires, 180 entries to homes of consumers were replaced.

In the course of the repair program this year, several repair crews of Michurinsky Distribution Zone repaired electrical networks in the village of Kochetovka, including the replacement of the poles and wires of a 0.4 kV power line, taps into houses of local residents, transferred electric meters to the facades of buildings, and cleared ROWs along power lines.

Significant moment during the repair work was the removal of a 0.4 kV overhead power line from the premises of the Kochetovskaya secondary school with the use of a self-supporting insulated wire. This will improve the reliability of power supply of the educational institution.

“Given the high social value of the facility, the importance of this work can hardly be overestimated. After all this line powers the local school, village council, a post office and residential customers. In addition, in the centre of the village there is a working house of culture, a medical and obstetric centre, and a kindergarten, which after the repair will get even better power supply”, — stressed Chief of Michurinsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Sergey Zelenev.

As a result of a major overhaul Conductor 10 kV # 2 “Glazkovskaya” was moved out of the wetland area. A package transformer substation was also transferred to the load centre of a 0.4 kV power line. Moreover, thanks to the tight interaction with the administration of Michurinsky district during the repair wooden poles of the 0.4 kV power line were uninstalled and the line was erected with a joint suspension on new poles.

“Our customers have long been convinced that the work of repairing and maintaining the power grid facilities entrusted to us is traditionally performed by us consistently and qualitatively. And primary importance is given to the quality. This is confirmed by letters of thanks, which come to the team of Michurinsky Distribution Zone from heads of municipalities,” — stressed Sergey Zelenev.

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