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Yarenergo gave its veterans a celebration


For several years already IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has had a program in action to support the elderly, veterans of war and labour.

On the Day of seniors IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division gathered in the recreation centre “Energetic” veterans of the Yaroslavl power grid. The representatives of the older generation were waiting for this meeting for a year to see each other, remember the past and to rest together. Yarenergo traditionally prepared congratulations, thanks, wishes of good health and long life, a holiday table, performances, tunes and dances of the past on that day for its veterans.

With warm and welcoming words and thanks addressed Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Igor Solonikov to the people who put so much effort and energy to the formation and development of the Yaroslavl power system: “We are proud of your labour. You over the years created the power grid of the region, and were not afraid to stand at the origins of this difficult path. And today we are working at the equipment, at the networks that you constructed. You gave to the energy development the best years and tirelessly continue to help us and now are raising the younger generation. You are an example to us all. Thank you.”

Day of seniors — a great opportunity to thank the veterans of war and labour, not only for the many years of hard work, experience, but for their kindness and wisdom, which they are eager to share with young people. Greeting words were also uttered by Chairman of the Board of Veterans of Yarenergo Valeriy Grachev, and Deputy Chairman of the Youth Council of the branch Irina Zhivaya.

Now the veterans are in retirement, but with all their heart they shout for the organization, where they worked for tens of years. The meeting was very interesting. “We feel there is a big family,” — stressed representatives of the labour dynasty of the Rychkovs. The veterans remembered how the power system was being constructed, what difficult conditions sometimes they had to work in, and with what joy they were able to relax. History on that day came to life, and pages of the past were revealed. They also remembered those of their “comrades” who, for health reasons, could not come to meet friends. So, they were talking about a man that is a legend Peter Dolgov, who this year is 102 years old. With his direct participation a building was being constructed on October Avenue in Yaroslavl — one of the most beautiful architectural structures, which long housed the administrative office of Yarenergo. During the war he worked in the rear, in Yaroslavl electrical networks, restoring the substation “North” after the devastating bombing of 1943.

The attention was paid not only to the past but also to the future. Igor Solonikov told the seniors about the work being done by the management of IDGC of Centre, and shared with the veterans the company’s development plans for the future.

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