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JSC "Yargorelectroset" is ready for winter


At present JSC “Yargorelectroset” (a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDGC of Centre) supplies electricity to most of the residential sector, social facilities, industrial and agricultural enterprises in Yaroslavl, a total of 250,000 customers. The current scheme consists of 55 distribution centers, 1 003 transformer substations, more than three thousand two hundred kilometers of electrical networks, more than one thousand two hundred kilometers of outdoor lighting networks, and 27 370 street lighting fixtures.

The scale of the service area and the social significance of facilities place upon the company increased responsibility for the reliability of electricity supply for customers and require a set of measures aimed at improving the stability of power supply of the city: daily and in emergency situations.

A key element of the preparation for the autumn-winter period — the repair program. The work related to the repair and maintenance of electrical networks has been implemented in full. Thus, efforts were made to eliminate the bottlenecks — within the reliability improvement more than 4 km of cable lines of 6-10 kV were laid. The section of supply cables from the substation “Perekop” to Distribution Substation-14 with a total length of 1 km was increased. For private sector consumers more than 17 km of worn bare wire were replaced with self-supporting insulated wire, which reduces the risk of tripping of power lines, caused by climatic conditions, ensuring high reliability and, as a result, stability of energy supply. In addition, some equipment was reconstructed with replacement of bays with oil switches for vacuum circuit breakers, resulting in improved transmission capacity of network nodes, lower operating costs and a positive impact on safety. More than 150 Transformer Substations and Distribution Substations were checked and overhauled, and more than 300 wooden poles were replaced with concrete.

Special attention was paid to the state of the networks supplying socially important facilities. Preparatory work for the autumn-winter period included a technical inspection and removal of faults in cables and overhead power network of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and clinics. At emergency response trainings operators and electricians of the company practice different scenarios of contingencies.

“This year we plan to complete the preparation for the autumn-winter period by the 1st of October. This is no accident — says Chief Engineer of JSC ‘Yargorelectroset’ Sergey Pogozhev. — It was the beginning of October that has a unique peak electricity use: heating to homes has not supplied yet, and residents are actively using household electric heaters.”

The Government also pays close attention to the preparation for winter. This year the requirements for checking readiness for the autumn-winter period have been tightened. So, to check the readiness of JSC “Yargorelectroset” for the upcoming period of the maximum load in the electric networks the Commission was created to check the readiness of the enterprise for the autumn-winter period, including representatives of the RTN, the City, and General Directorate of EMERCOM. Weekly operational meetings are held to monitor the implementation of measures aimed at a thorough check: from the state of documentation to the quality of repair work. This year, in accordance with the decision of Staff for electricity security under the Government of the Yaroslavl region, a preliminary check of readiness of the enterprise for the winter was made and the enterprise was inspected by RTN, and the revealed drawbacks have already been removed.

The official date of the end of the campaign for the electricity networks preparation for the winter is to sign certificates of readiness of the enterprise for the autumn-winter peak loads, and the performed to date amount of work to prepare suggests that uninterrupted power supply to consumers at low temperatures and the operation at the maximum electricity consumption will be provided.

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