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IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division held a meeting of young power engineers


Young power engineers — representatives of all Districts of Electrical Networks — gathered on the site of JSC “Energetik” for the third youth gathering. For two days, about 40 specialists took part in various trainings, team building events, workshops, entertainment programs aimed at uniting the active youth.

Deepening and developing the tradition of the gathering, this time a new way of work was offered, which naturally flowed into the familiar structure of the event. The third youth gathering of employees of Tambovenergo was dedicated to the 165th anniversary of the birth of a truly brilliant scientist, inventor of the incandescent lamp Alexander Nikolayevich Lodygin. It is therefore the choice the main theme of the workshop was logical, which was held as part of the gathering — Lodygin’s scientific heritage in the modern world, and the work of employees Tambovenergo to perpetuate his memory for the Tambov land. An important aspect of the event was the scientific and practical activities of young power engineers of the company focused on innovative development of the electric grid in the Tambov region.

The speech of associate professor of the chair of general physics of Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin Alexander Sterelyukhin on the life and scientific activity of the scientist was of special interest for the audience.

— Our task today is to promote fellow scientists, who glorified the Tambov land, — Alexander Sterelyukhin is sure. — Of course, it is unfair that currently the name of Lodygin is known only in narrow scientific circles. After all, he was the first in Russia, and even around the world, who initiated the widespread use of electric lighting. Ingenious inventor of the incandescent lamp was much ahead of his time. Some of his inventions during his life did not find understanding with contemporaries. Living and working at the turn of the century, he was a real hero in a violent pre-revolutionary era. In these conditions it is very valuable that Tambovenergo remembers and honours the memory of the great Russian inventor.

The workshop was also attended by colleagues and friends of the power engineers from Tambov State University named after Derzhavin, Tambov State Technical University, undergraduate and graduate students who presented their research and development works, which are of great practical importance.

Today the management of IDGC of Centre is devoting considerable attention to the youth policy, which takes place in the company. In recent years, it has been focused on the implementation of innovative technologies in production activity. At the initiative of IDGC of Centre a series of competitions is held with the active participation of specialists of Tambovenergo. Last year, the presentation of materials in various areas of innovation implementation in the energy sector was held. Young Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre actively participated in those events. This year, Engineer of Advanced Development Section of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division, Postgraduate of TSTU Alexander Ushakov is taking part in the competition “Engineer of the Year” in the category “Engineering Art of the Young”.

Head of Human Resources of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Olga Vyazovova underlined: “The program of the gathering provided for training on teamwork, hands-on workshop on the new developments in the energy sector. All of these events contribute to the more efficient operation of the Youth Council, and as a result will further unite our team to solve industrial and corporate tasks. Young people — this is the main driving force of the company. And not only in the core business related to electricity supply of consumers. Management of the company places their stake on it in all areas and innovative projects.”

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