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Master class for teachers


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division does much work to prevent children’s electric injuries. By agreement between Bryanskenergo and the Department of General and Vocational Education of the Bryansk region the branch’s employees take part in training courses organized for school life safety teachers in Bryansk and the Bryansk region.

The first workshop was held for life safety teachers of Starodubskiy district. The class, which was held in school # 2 in Starodub, was attended by more than thirty teachers — representatives of all rural and urban schools of Starodubskiy district. Employee of the production control and safety Office of Bryanskenergo paid the teachers’ attention that teaching lessons on electrical safety, it is necessary to focus schoolchildren on the rules of safe staying near power facilities, as well as the rules for safe handling household electrical appliances.

During the lesson, the life safety teachers were recommended to conduct practical training, during which, in practice to work out with children ways of safe handling electrical appliances, rules of behaviour near electrical installations, exiting the area of step voltage.

As part of the life safety teachers’ lessons on electrical safety it is necessary to accompany the lecture material with demonstration of visual materials. To do this, the staff Bryanskenergo gave the life safety school teachers of Starodubskiy school district sets of educational posters and other visual propaganda.

This is the first workshop, conducted by staff of Bryanskenergo for life safety teachers. In the future — training workshops with life safety teachers of the city of Bryansk and other districts of the region. They will be held as part of the joint work of Bryanskenergo and the Department of General and Vocational Education of the Bryansk region to prevent children’s injuries at electric grid facilities in the region.

According to the head of the production control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Pavel Zlobin, the workshops for teachers are held within the life safety further training courses organized for them by the Department of General and Vocational Education of the Bryansk region. The goal of power engineers for conducting classes with teachers — to help teachers put correct emphasis, telling children about electrical safety.

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