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A safety day was held in IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division


The safety day was summed up, which was held in all structural units of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division. Special committees, consisting of technical managers of the branch, checked the sanitary condition of work places, industrial premises and personal service rooms, logging of issue of work orders and instructions, maintenance of protection means, briefings on health and safety and fire safety and the organization of staff training.

The purpose of the monthly safety days — timely detection and quick elimination of possible violations and, as a consequence, improvement of the safety of workers. As a result of the event the quality of the conducted instructions and permits is estimated, the causes of the existing violations are analyzed, which subsequently are eliminated.

In preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter period the employees of the production control and safety Office together with the distribution networks and high-voltage grids Office of the branch examined the technical condition of the heating system of the production base of Distribution Zones and industrial buildings, the readiness of crew vehicles to operate in the winter.

In the offices of sites and services of Information Technology Office the communications facilities of operational and supervisory control were tested, the terms of the assignment of groups of electrical safety to electrical personnel, fire safety requirements to storage of equipment and materials, the requirement for lighting fixtures.

At the training centres practical and theoretical training was held for the staff of the service of relay protection, automation, measurement and metrology on safety and technology of work with coupling filters and voltage outfeed sections. Here, for the staff of other services and departments theoretical and practical training on the device use “radiation thermometer” was conducted.

In the technical room the staff reviewed safety measures at the planned round of a 10/0.4 kV conductor, inspection of 10/0.4 kV transformer substation, measuring load and voltage, as well as duties of the worker in the field of labour protection, safety requirements while working with devices and providing first aid to victims with electric shock.

Employees of the service of power lines had their theoretical training to replace the wire section with connector clamps and practical training to repair the wire with spiral clamps. The personnel of the service of substations studied the functioning principle and kinematic circuit of the drive PP-67, as well as in practice reviewed adjustment of the drive, setting, testing, measurement of required regulated gaps, and spring stretching.

For the service of mechanization and transport the staff training was provided on the organization of release of vehicles to the route, checking the validity of the traffic logs and logging their registration, sealing validation of speedometers and the performance of tire fitting in accordance with the “Rules of safety in road transport”. The sanitary condition of passenger seats in vehicles was checked.

A separately worked out question was the organization of safe work performance on weekends and holidays, and processing of appropriate regulatory documents, work orders and instructions.

“The audit during the safety day did not identify any safety violations in the branch. The condition of work places and production facilities meets the requirements of technical standards, staff training is conducted according to the established schedule”, — stressed the head of the production control and safety Office of Smolenskenergo Vasily Gipich.

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