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Operating personnel of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division demonstrated its readiness to emergency situations


Operational and supervisory staff of the Grid Control Centre of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division took part in a training session organized by the Headquarters for security of electricity supply in the Kursk region.

Together with the Kursk power engineers of IDGC of Centre their actions in a complex scheme-mode operation were practiced by operational staff of the Centre for Crisis Management (CCM) of General Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kursk region, branch of SO UES Kursk TCC, JSC “Quadra” — “Kursk regional generation”, branch of FGC UES Black Soil Region PMES, and JSC “Kursk electric networks”.

The event was held in order to synchronize the activities of the staff of energy companies, EMERCOM and public services in the region in the aftermath of a power failure in the shortest possible time.

This time, the scenario said that as a result of a technological disturbance of the 330 kV substation “Garden”, 110 kV “Schetmash”, “Boiler”, “Device”, 35 kV substation “Suburban”, “Sapogovo”, “Irrigation”, “Kursk- traction”," New “,” Mokva " were de-energized, no utility power for the Kursk CHP in Northwestern District. The electricity and heat supply was interrupted in Northwestern neighborhood and area of the Agricultural Academy of Kursk. Such socially important facilities were also de-energized as children’s clinic # 8, clinic # 5, three city water supply points, a bakery and a telephone exchange.

In difficult scenario conditions the operational personnel of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division acted professionally and consistently. Immediately after the introduction of the condition to occur by a controlling person there was a clear instruction from an operator of the Grid Control Centre of Kurskenergo to an operational and technological group (OTG) of Central Distribution Zone to inspect the 110 kV “Device”, to a first responding mobile crew (FMC)-3 to inspect equipment of the 110 kV “City”.

Within minutes, the operator gets back a report on the performed inspections and detected faults. The information is transmitted to the operator on duty in the Kursk regional transmission control centre (KTCC) and management of Kurskenergo.

At this time, the operational and technological group of Kursk Distribution Zone is to check the equipment of the 110 kV substation “Razinkovo”, 35 kV “Suburban”, 35 kV “Sapogovo”, 35 kV “Mokva”, 35 kV “Irrigation”, and 35 kV “New”.

After receiving the information from the 110 kV “Device” on the inspections made and the cause of tripping of the 110 kV substation “Kursk CHP-1 — Schetmash” with taps identified there was a command on performing of necessary switchings at the 110 kV substation “Device” to locate the fault (line disconnector −3110 kV at 110 kV “Device” is off).

After receiving confirmation of the line disconnector off at the substation “Device”, the staff of the Kursk CHP-1 with a command of an operator of the KTCC switched on a 110 kV oil circuit breaker of the overhead power line “Kursk CHP-1 — Schetmash” with taps and power was fed to the 110 kV substation “Schetmash”.

The personnel that arrived at the substation “Schetmash” the operator of the Grid Control Centre of Kurskenergo tells to switch on a 110 kV oil sectionalizer and power is fed to the substation “Boiler”, which provides utility electricity for the CHP of Northwestern neighborhood and the 110 kV substation “Device”.

Further actions of the operators of Kurskenergo, until the equipment is working and the most reliable power supply circuit is restored, are also professional and timely. Observers told the headquarters of the exercise about this.

Elimination of a conditional emergency as soon as possible and appreciation of the headquarters of the exercise says about the readiness of Kursk power engineers to provide reliable operation of the power system of the Kursk region in autumn-winter 2012-2013.

Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division Alexander Rudnevsky underlined: “Our professional duty is be always prepared for any possible eventuality in our work. Staff exercises — are the most important step in the process of training the operating personnel, practical skills, actions to ensure reliable power supply in the Kursk region in the most difficult circumstances.”
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