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IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division sets interaction in the field of electrical safety


IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division held a round table on the topic of preventing injuries at facilities of the electric grid complex.

The event was attended by representatives of Tverenergo, RTN, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, EMERCOM, the regional administration, Tveroblelektro and media.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider the most pressing and important issues on electrical safety, as well as a number of decisions on the possibility of cooperation in the field of prevention of electric injuries. After all, the most effective way to protect people in the region from electric shock is to consolidate the efforts of all agencies.

Opening the meeting, Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division Alexey Galkin underlined that the issue of safety at power facilities is always relevant, especially given the rapid development of modern technologies and the growing number of consumers. Therefore, the primary task of power engineers — warning the public of the dangers of approaching and being in electrical installations.

Special attention was paid by the branch’s specialists to the question of children’s electric injuries. During school holidays or celebrations this topic gets more acute. Spending a lot of time in the street without adult supervision, children are at risk of injury when approaching the power plant. The main goal — not to frighten, but to warn children about the possible dangers. Therefore the branch regularly informs and warns the population about the action of an electric current through the media.

Head of the Department of Special Education and Children Social Protection of the Ministry of Education Lyudmila Milutina underlined that is not the first year that the city’s educational institutions have been having fruitful cooperation with Tverenergo — power engineers systematically carried out open lessons on electrical safety for school children, boarding schools, high schools, children’s summer camps. Lyudmila also noted the need to expand the boundaries of the information space on the subject, as the power engineers will not have simply enough forces to reach the audience of school children of the region.

During the discussion, it was proposed to hold citywide contests on energy safety, children’s drawing competitions between schools or classes, and to distribute training films, models of posters, calendars, brochures and handouts among school children, and for young children — fairy tales and riddles, games, quizzes and colouring books on the theme of energy safety. These materials can be placed in the media, information portals, organizational structures, including educational institutions.

Tverenergo took the initiative to disseminate leaflets, booklets containing warnings to people with water transport, on the dangers posed by energy facilities. The State Inspectorate for Small Vessels — a structure, which is a part of the Russian EMERCOM in the Tver region, can assist in the dissemination of the materials. This issue has also become one of the items discussed at the round table.

Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of the branch Alexey Galkin also drew attention to the increasing cases of electric injuries among fishermen: “Rods are made of carbon fiber, which is a conductor of electrical current. The distance from the ground to the wires is 6-7 metres and the length of modern rods comes up to 7 metres. Excessive moisture in the boundaries of the reservoir, a wet fishing line and a fishing rod creates danger for life even at the approach to the wire lines. And touching the wires inevitably cause fatal injury. Therefore it is necessary, along with the cooperating grid companies, to strengthen public awareness on the prohibition of fishing in dangerous places. In turn, specialists of Tverenergo have been placing for several years on poles of power lines posters on the prohibition of fishing under power lines wiring.”

The result of the meeting was a developed draft of joint solutions for the prevention of injuries to third-parties at electricity facilities in the Tver region, which all the participants of the event took for review. The signing of the document by each party, and the decision to hold regular meetings on the subject in order to put the results and find new ways of working are the final deliverables of the round table.

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