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IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division continues reconstruction of power facilities


Tverenergo simultaneously with the preparation for the autumn-winter period is working on reconstruction of power facilities. To enhance the reliability of the 110 kV transit between the cities of Tver and Rzhev (the service area of ​​operators’ of Tver TCC) sulfur hexafluoride switches VB — 110 kV were installed at the 110 kV “Azure” and “Staritsa”.

SF6 circuit breakers are used in the power system to replace the old oil type MKP-110 and U-110 circuit breakers, installed in the 60’s of the last century. Having all the necessary electrical properties, they have high reliability, durability, simplicity of design and safety. Sulfur hexafluoride is chemically inactive, non-flammable and does not support combustion, has improved insulating and arcing properties. Its electrical characteristics are very stable, as insulating gas is easy to use — it does not get “older” and does not require maintenance, such as oil. Thus, reduced operating costs and maintenance costs of oil circuit breakers, replacing one circuit breaker of type MKP-110 or U-110 in the substation reduces the amount of oil by 9 tons.

Circuit breakers VB — 110 are designed with the placement of arcing devices and current transformers in the input, they are compact for transport and installation on site. Tanks are fully insulated with a housing that is important for areas with cold climates.

According to Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division Alexey Galkin, at the moment sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers are increasingly replacing the previously installed oil ones. Their use can reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of electrical equipment. Carrying out these activities is aimed to achieve the main goal of the Tver power engineers — reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

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