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Belgorodenergo checks the readiness of its units for the winter


Starting from September 17 special commissions started their work at IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division to check the electric grid of the Belgorod region for the autumn-winter 2012-2013. According to intelligence reports, one of the main components of the electric grid preparation for operation in the autumn-winter period — the maintenance campaign — that has been performed at 98 percent.

The commissions will have to assess the implementation of the planned set of activities, in particular the implementation of the program of equipment repair and diagnostics, reconstruction and repair of power facilities, which have a significant impact on the reliability and the operation through the autumn-winter period, clearing and expansion of ROWs, as well as the full preparation of the emergency reserve, mobile crews and special vehicles. Only an impeccable performance of all requirements will allow the branch by October 15 to get its certificate of readiness for the autumn-winter period — that is the deadline set by the Russian Government.

Preparation of the enterprise is going according to plan. The reliability improvement program allows to significantly improve the parameters of the network and to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity to consumers. It is also the most important component of investments of Belgorodenergo. In 2012, more than 900 million rubles have been spent on these purposes, and in total the investment program of the branch exceeds 5 billion rubles.

By the targeted program to improve reliability nine 35 kV and three 110 kV substations are under reconstruction. Before the end of the year over 1500 km of power lines will be constructed and reconstructed in the region. All this will improve the characteristics of power equipment and increase the reliability of power supply to consumers.

Over 211 million rubles were spent on the implementation of the repair program — the main component of the preparation of the electric grid — to ensure reliable operation in the winter, which is 6% higher than last year. For eight months the branch repaired more than a thousand kilometers of power lines of all voltage classes, 82 high-voltage substations and 546 transformer substations. In some areas power engineers are ahead of schedule. All the preparatory activities are being performed wholistically, as it reduces the duration and number of planned outages, and also improves labour productivity.

Professionals also prefer the comprehensive approach while performing grid reconstruction in individual communities. This year the grid complex of several towns in the province will be completely modernized: in the villages of Murom in Shebekinsky district and Bessonovka in Belgorod district.

The diagnostics results allow to reduce the number of outages, which for the fourth consecutive year are necessarily included in the scheduling of repairs. The diagnostics involves examination of lines and substations, the analysis of their operation modes. From the beginning of the year, the power engineers have inspected more than 16,227 km of power lines of 0.4-10 kV and 9694 transformer and distribution substations, necessary measurements were performed on 937 pieces of equipment. Through these activities, from the beginning of the year, it has become possible to identify and eliminate more than six thousand defects, having improved the reliability of the electric grid.

Procedures for dealing with emergencies, connected with the threat of power outages in cold conditions, operation and maintenance personnel of the branch practices at special trainings jointly with the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Belgorod region, branch of FGC UES Black Earth Enterprise MES, municipal administrations, Belgorod TCC of SO UES.

43 first responding mobile crews provide rapid response to possible technological disturbances in the electricity system. Maintenance personnel of Distribution Zones and sections is prepared and equipped with the necessary means of communication, clothing and special equipment. A system to make staff of Distribution Zones alert in case of emergency is organized. Additionally, the branch established eight mobile crews, consisting of 40 people with all necessary equipment and materials, 11 units of special vehicles. Such crews at any time can quickly advance to the country’s regions affected by the disaster, and begin to restore power supply.

For the fastest restoration actions the branch formed an emergency supply of equipment and materials. The power supply of social facilities during power outages will be provided from 88 redundant power supply sources that are in Distribution Zones of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division. Compared to last year, their number increased to 65 units.

The planned technical and organizational measures to prepare for the winter starting early in the autumn have entered their final phase. Their implementation will provide a solid foundation for successful, trouble-free operation through the autumn-winter period. Businesses and citizens of our region all year round must be provided with heat and lighting.

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