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New approaches to improve the skills of workers were discussed at Kostromaenergo


IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division held a meeting on improving the quality of re-training and staff development of the power company. The round table was attended by Deputy Director of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division Alexander Glebov, Director of Kostroma Power Engineering College. after F.V. Chizhov Tatyana Andrianova, as well as leaders of the branch and teachers of the further educational institution.

The main topic of the meeting was to increase the efficiency of cooperation of Kostromaenergo and Kostroma Power Engineering College to develop new educational programs for retraining. The need for this work is called both by the introduction of state standards and the requirement of the management of IDGC of Centre fundamentally to change approaches to enhance the professional skills of power engineers. It was noted that in addition to technical training, emergency response training, Safety Days and other activities of the branch, holding workshops for training refresher courses at the college is a necessary component of safe work skills among employees of the branch.

“The priority for the development of the power company should be improvement in the personnel policy. Working staff — is the foundation for the development of the energy sector. Therefore, the importance for Kostromaenergo to have professionals is hard to overestimate. This factor is not only a key criterion of business performance, but also a preventative measure to reduce injuries, a key to maintaining a high level of industrial safety,”- says Deputy Director of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division Alexander Glebov.

The leitmotif of the discussion was the need to comply the content of trainings with modern requirements of the energy sector. Here, special attention is paid to teaching staff that are important not only to maintain their skills, but also to learn new technologies. Employees of Kostromaenergo are actively involved in classes. Already, 40% of teachers in the department of further education of the college are employees of the branch.

The roundtable participants developed a joint decision on the need to increase practical training in the structure of training programs. Director of Kostroma Power Engineering College after F.V. Chizhov Tatyana Andrianova supports the requirements of the management of Kostromaenergo for inclusion in the program for masters the skills making to process work permits competently, procedures to permit staff to perform work; for electricians of substations service — adjustment of drives of switching devices, etc. In addition, the management of the power company gave recommendations to increase the number of workshops, and at theoretical lessons to focus on precisely the topics that will be required for employees in the workplace.

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