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Tambovenergo held the Fire Safety Day


The Fire Safety Day was held in all Districts of Electrical Networks (DENs) of IDGC of Centre —Tambovenergo division. The main task of the Fire Safety Day is maintaining the health and lives of personnel, undamaged condition of equipment, buildings and structures. Similar events will be held at IDGC of Centre —Tambovenergo division regularly throughout the year.

Activities of the commissions on fire safety included both a test on maintenance of buildings, facilities and equipment, and checking the staff instructing on fire suppression.

First of all, they inspected the premises of Tambovenergo, transformer substations, other power equipment, trucks and special vehicles. They checked the state of health of the fire alarm and fire warning systems, the presence of fire-resistant seal marking, wood treatment with flame retardant, fire extinguishers recharging time, signposting “exit” and evacuation plans in case of fire, the frequency of fire-training of personnel. Training on the practice in the event of a fire was also held n every District of Electrical Networks.

“The Fire Safety Day is held regularly at the branch — comments Head of production control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre —Tambovenergo division Sergey Simon. — The activities, developed following the results of the Fire Safety Day, are aimed at the prevention of fires. For example, all our Districts of Electrical Networks and Services are equipped with primary means of fire extinguishing in accordance with the regulations, and the staff knows what to do in case of fire.”

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