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Materials for electrical safety were sent to schools in the city of Bryansk and Bryansk region


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division does much work to prevent children’s electric injuries. In the schools of the city of Bryansk and Bryansk region regular classes on electrical safety are held with the use of visual aids, designed especially for young audience.

In late August, experts of Bryanskenergo transferred to the Department of Education of the Bryansk region materials on electrical safety — teaching posters, colouring books, schedules, which in the form of a game tell the rules of safe behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities and rules for safe handling of electrical appliances, as well as board games “Teach heroes of Russian fairy tales to use electricity”.

At the August meeting, held at the Department of Education of the Bryansk region, which was attended by all heads of district departments of education, teachers were given sets of handouts on electrical safety. In early September, the heads of school-boards distributed them to rural and regional schools. The school year in many schools in the city of Bryansk and Bryansk region began with electrical safety lessons.

According to Head of Public Relations of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Marianna Proskochenko, the dissemination of visual aids in general educational institutions of the city of Bryansk and Bryansk region should reduce the number of cases of electric injuries among children. Warning signs will be placed on the boards of school announcements, as well as in units for juveniles. If they regularly come to the attention of children, then they will remember the rules of behaviour in the vicinity of power facilities and of safe handling household appliances better.

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