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Kostromaenergo summed up the work of measurement assurance of the production and quality control over electricity for the first half of 2012


The work plan for metrological support of the production of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division for I half of 2012 was performed in full.

Specialists from the department of metrology and quality of electric power of the branch calibrated 1067 pieces of working and panel measuring instruments, 137 pieces of electricity metering equipment (meters and current measuring transformers) and organized verification on the site of Federal Budget Enterprise “Kostroma Centre of Standardization and Metrology” of 295 pieces of working and standard measurement devices, and 590 pieces of electricity metering equipment.

Metrologists of the Kostroma power system provide services for the maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments within the provision of additional services. The main customer of specialized services is the Headquarter Office of OJSC “TGC-2” in the Kostroma region.

In addition, periodic measurements of the quality of electricity supply in 69 supply centers of 35-110 kV were performed, and non-compliant power quality was measured as demanded by 14 customer requests, based on the results of which necessary corrective measures were developed and implemented to bring the technical quality of electricity to GOST.

“All these activities are primarily focused on customer satisfaction with the services provided by the branch, as well as to ensure the unity and required accuracy in the transmission and distribution of electric energy,” — explains Head of department of metrology and quality of electricity — chief metrologist of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division Artyom Kireev.

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