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Tambovenergo is reconstructing networks in the village of Bokino


In preparation of the electric grid of the Tambov region for the autumn-winter peak load operation period, power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division are working to improve the reliability of electricity supply in rural areas.

In particular, experts of Tambovenergo are reconstructing electrical networks in the village of Bokino and the settlement of New in accordance with the concept of the construction of 0.4-10 kV distribution network with transfer of electricity transforming points to the consumer. So, in 2012, the power engineers will replace 4 km of 10 kV lines, more than 7 km of 10/0.4 kV, more than 6 km of 0.4 kV.

The basis of this concept is a number of innovations — installation of directly at the consumer, which would reduce the length of 0.4 kV overhead lines. The technical feature of the pole-mounted transformer point installation is its direct connection without additional mounts and upward and downward lifting devices. Easy installation and minor costs make it an attractive solution in terms of speed of construction and reduction of capital costs.

Also in progress of the work modern equipment is installed, safe materials are used, and the system of automatic metering of consumed electricity is implemented.

Thus, in each household the installation of metering cabinets with automatic switchgear, intelligent electric meter included in the AMI system is provided for. These meters are classified as smart electronics because they allow real-time monitoring of the dynamics of consumption of electrical energy. Reports on demand for any date and hour are generated in automatic mode, facts of illegal connections to the grid, or the failure of the meter are also clearly recorded. Now there is no need for consumers to take readings. All information on the kilowatt hour consumption will be processed remotely.

Technical upgrade of the distribution network of these municipalities will ensure the greatest efficiency of grid connection of consumers, will reduce electricity losses and operating costs and improve the quality of electricity.

For information: more than 5000 people live in the territory of the municipality of Bokinsky village council. Its electrical networks are obsolete and outdated. Also their power is not designed for the growing number of customers (residential development is active). To ensure sufficient transmission capacity there has been a need for full reconstruction of the networks.

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