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Losses in networks of Belgorodenergo will be reduced by 30 million kWh


In 2012 within the program of energy conservation and energy efficiency IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division plans to reduce electricity losses in the networks by 30 million kWh. For comparison: about 17,000 apartments annually consume this amount of energy. It is planned to achieve the established targets by implementing a set of measures.

As part of the energy conservation and energy efficiency program, approved in 2012, Belgorodenergo is upgrading substation and power line equipment, implementing new technologies in outdoor lighting, installing smart energy resources metering systems at its facilities. In addition, the branch reduces consumption of electricity, heat, gas and water at the company’s facilities. In the first six months, the consumption of electricity for utility needs has been reduced by 16%, water — 13%, heat energy — 20% compared to the same period last year.

One of the important areas of energy resources saving in the region the power engineers consider increasing the accuracy of electricity metering consumed by customers. Federal Law # 261 “On energy saving and energy efficiency improvement” already by 2013 requires that all, without exception, consumers — individuals and businesses — are to install in the houses and in the workplace meters and pay for electricity by the meter. The obligation to provide metering of energy with devices at consumers that have not fulfilled the legal requirements in a timely manner is set upon energy suppliers, including IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division. “Any needed jobs will be executed with enforcement and on a paid basis,” — says the law.

Among the residents of the region, there are over 25,000 customers with no devices, whose homes do not have electricity meters installed yet and who in connection with this pay according to the standards established by the Commission on the state regulation of prices and tariffs in the Belgorod region. Currently, the existing standards are being revised upwards.

"The very first requirement set out in all the regulations is related to increasing the accuracy of electricity metering — stresses Head of energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement Office of Belgorodenergo Natalia Yakshina. — You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Energy efficiency issues for all consumer categories are governed by three main documents. It is Law # 261, the state program of energy conservation and energy efficiency up to 2020 and a similar regional program. All of them clearly tell us that by 1 January next year there should not be any customers without metering devices.

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