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Danilov customers of Yarenergo were told on energy conservation


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division held a seminar on saving energy at the Danilov Customer Service Center (CSC). The event was attended by Head of customer interaction of the branch Elena Sosnina, Head of the CSC Svetlana Lapshina, Specialist of the CSC Alexey Shuvaev and residents of Danilov — the customers who have visited the CSC on various issues and expressed interest in the stated theme.

The distribution grid company’s representatives told the residents of Danilov how to follow simple rules to significantly better use of energy resources and, therefore, not only to save on utility bills, but also to contribute to the conservation of natural resources. According to studies the residential sector in Russia can reduce the consumption of heat and electricity by 40 percent. The issue of energy efficiency is particularly relevant in the light of Federal Law # 261-FZ “On Energy Conservation”, which sets out certain requirements, including for owners of the premises in apartment buildings.

The power engineers talked about the benefits of installing energy efficient lighting, allowing for a lower cost of electricity to provide a greater level of quantity of illumination, which in turn can be adjusted depending on the needs.

To evaluate the effectiveness of any energy saving measures, it is necessary to know the exact magnitude of energy consumption. Therefore, a separate part of the seminar was devoted to modern electricity metering systems. Smart meters allow you to see how many kilowatts were used over a period of time and in what time consumption was maximal.

At the conclusion of the seminar the specialists of Yarenergo answered the customers’ questions of interest. The residents of Danilov thanked Yarenergo for the useful information and told them that they would necessarily follow the advice of the power engineers.

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