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Specialists of Tverenergo told consumers about energy conservation technologies


In subdivisions of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division seminars were held for consumers on energy efficiency in the home. Since the beginning of June these meetings were held in 23 Districts of Electrical Networks of the branch, and before the end of September these activities are planned in 13 DENs.

Specialists of Tverenergo told the participants about the rational use of energy. Just only 9-10% of the required energy is used in the home and its consumption can be reduced by at least 30-35%.

The power engineers shared pieces of advice, how in everyday life electricity can and should be saved. For example, one should not place a refrigerator near a stove and defrost it at least 2 times a year, as the created “ice jacket” becomes a kind of thermal insulator. And for reasonable energy consumption while boiling the kettle to pour as much water as you need. Scale in the kettle conducts heat about 30 times worse than the metal, respectively, increases the amount of energy to boil water.

“The rational restraint, taking action on warming of apartments and houses, the right choice of lighting equipment will save substantial sums in utilities, as well as create a culture of consumption of each individual. It is necessary for the organization of rational energy use at large facilities in a variety of industries and, as a consequence, the economy of energy resources within the country”, — stresses Head of department on work with customers of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division Denis Lebedev.

On the web site of IDGC of Centre at consumers can get up to date information related to the company. To address issues related to the power supply, there is the around the clock Direct Power Hot Line at 8800 50 50 115 (toll free).
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