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Strengthening the workforce - the main task of the primary trade union organization of Lipetskenergo


In the first half of 2012 in order to ensure and maintain the social stability of the personnel the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division together with Human Resources Office implemented a range of activities carried out under the collective agreement. 1,7 million rubles were spent on them.

Traditionally the priority was given to control the enforcement of labour laws, labour protection and labour discipline. For this purpose, the union conducted site inspections of departments of Lipetskenergo, training was provided to safety authorized persons. In addition, the union took part in the next certification of workplaces of Lipetskenergo.

The most important place was also given to the development and maintenance of healthy lifestyle of employees. An important part of this activity was sports and recreation activities in which employees have access to sports infrastructure — pools, playgrounds, etc., trainings and competitions were organized. In addition, the “athletes” of Lipetskenergo once again took part in the regional Sports Games and Spartakiads of IDGC of Centre.

The most striking results of this policy during the reporting period were the sporting achievements of Lipetskenergo. So, in 2012, the football team of the branch went into the best four teams of the labour collectives of Lipetsk and the twenty (16th place) — of 124 teams, which competed for the cup of the leading television company Black Earth — Television TVK. A significant victory for the football players of Lipetskenergo was 2nd place in the Summer Sports Games of IDGC of Centre in Voronezh. The volleyball team of Lipetskenergo this year took another first place in the Spartakiad of the labour collectives of the city of Lipetsk.

Cultural events, including festivals, creative competitions and field trips held by the branch contributed to the creation of a favorable social environment in the workplace. So, in June of this year, Lipetsk power engineers visited Minsk, and in July — the village of Trinity of Lipetsk district, known for its crafts and cultural traditions. A highlighted event of the branch was also the creative contest for children of employees of the branch dedicated to the traditional spring holiday.

In the first half of the year the branch took part in socially significant actions aimed at the moral, cultural and historical education of staff. Among them are National Historical Memorial event “Victory Banner Relay” and the large-scale Russian social-ecological action “Save the energy of the forest”.

The trade union actively promoted the organization of the professional skills competitions of diagnostics crews of IDGC of Centre, which were first held in July 2012 on the site of Lipetskenergo. The individual contribution of the union in the event was additional nominations to encourage distinguished participants and winners of the competition.

“Participation in these activities contributes to strengthening employment team unity, creating a comfortable working environment, raising the profile of the company and the social importance of each employee, which certainly has a positive impact on the work of the entire enterprise. Therefore the union of Lipetskenergo intends to continue to operate in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and social partnership. In the second half of 2012 2.5 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes”, — summed up Chairman of the primary trade union organization of Lipetskenergo Tatiana Burakova.

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