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Collaboration of Bryanskenergo and executive bodies helps reduce injuries at electric grid facilities


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division held a roundtable to discuss the prevention of children’s electric injuries. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk region, the Office of Emergency Ministry of the Bryansk region, the Department of Education of the Bryansk region, the Department of Energy and Utilities of the Bryansk region, and Oka RTN Office of the Bryansk region.

One of the objectives of the roundtable organized by Bryanskenergo — the establishment of interaction of the branch with the bodies of executive power of the government of the Bryansk region in carrying out preventive work among children on electrical safety.

The event was opened by Chief Engineer of the branch Alexander Kosarev. He told the audience about the activities carried out by Bryanskenergo under the “Program to reduce the risk of injury to third-parties at facilities of IDGC of Centre”.

Head of Production Control and Safety Office of the branch Pavel Zlobin told the audience about the most common causes that lead to cases of electric injuries at electric grid facilities of the Bryansk region. Among them there is the performance of unauthorized work in entry into private home ownership, not agreed execution of work in the exclusion zone of overhead lines, as well as attempted theft of electricity.

Particular attention was paid to discussing issues related to the work on prevention electric injuries among children. Head of Public Relations Marianna Proskochenko said that in schools in the city of Bryansk and the region over the past year the staff of Bryanskenergo and teachers on life safety conducted over one hundred lessons on electrical safety. The classes for the promotion of electrical safety were accompanied with demonstration of a training cartoon, posters on electric safety, warning signs that are placed on energy facilities. During the lessons life safety teachers used the summaries of lessons that had been developed by power engineers. The lecture material was fixed with the help of handouts — colourings, which contained the rules of safe behavior near power facilities and rules for safe handling of electrical household appliances, lesson timetables and board games “Teach the characters of Russian fairy tales to use electricity”.

During the roundtable the participants agreed on conducting joint preventive work to avoid cases of children’s electric injuries. Thus, the Department of General and Vocational Education of the Bryansk region will consider extending the information block about the rules of electrical safety in the course of life safety. Employees of Bryanskenergo will be invited for advanced training courses for teachers, where they will conduct workshops for the teachers. Leaflets on electrical safety, board games, colouring books and timetables will also be given through the Department of General and Vocational Education of the Bryansk region to the schools of the city of Bryansk and the region by September 1. In September, among schoolchildren the contest “Caution: Electricity!” will be organized.

The possibility of providing advertising space of the Office of Emergency of Russia in the Bryansk region for placing the information for the prevention of children’s electric injuries on them, as well as plasma displays to broadcast warning videos, is being considered. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Bryansk region is also considering the possibility of distributing handouts to children living in dysfunctional families.

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