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Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre will assign about 3 million rubles for the implementation of its environmental policy in 2012


IDGC of Centre, being a socially responsible company, pays close attention to the environmental activities. Lipetsk branch spent more than 999 thousand rubles on the environmental policy implementation in the first half of 2012. The annual volume of investment in the environmental protection activities are expected to reach 2.97 million rubles.

The implementation of the environmental policy in Lipetskenergo is being performed simultaneously in several areas, such as air protection, conservation and rational use of water resources and land, wildlife protection, and also includes a number of technical activities carried out with the use of advanced technologies and solutions.

Air protection is to perform instrumental control, compliance with the established standards for maximum allowable emissions, instrumental control over vehicle exhaust gas toxicity, adjustment of the vehicle fuel system, and landscaping the surrounding areas.

Use of water resources in the branch is performed in strict compliance with the law, which provides for transfer of waste water to specialized organizations for further purification.

Measures for the protection and rational use of land are intended to prevent land pollution with solid waste from production and consumption, including heterogeneous and complex in composition substances with different physical and chemical properties, including chemical and biological toxicity, fire and explosion safety. For this purpose, experts of the branch do work to identify the component composition of the waste and its hazard classes, identify environmentally safe methods of accumulation, temporary storage on-site, handling, decontamination and disposal. Accumulation of waste, the state of sites and containers for temporary storage of waste is regularly monitored by environmental engineers of Lipetskenergo. In addition, the branch will organize the transfer of waste to specialized organizations for deactivation, recycling and disposal.

A number of technical measures, including overhaul of oil switches, repair and replacement of oil-filled equipment and gravel bedding underneath contributes to reduction of probability of contamination of soil, surface and groundwater aquifers.

To protect wildlife from electrical shock substations of Lipetskenergo are equipped with guards and power lines — with devices to scare birds away.

A special place in the branch is given to the use of advanced technologies and solutions for the delivery and distribution of electric energy, meeting the current environmental standards. Thus, during the construction, renovation and re-equipment of power facilities of the branch self-supporting insulated wire is used to provide additional operational safety and reliability of power supply without efforts to expand ROWs.

One of the priorities of the production control and safety Office is also raising qualification levels of staff, including in environmental issues. In the first half of this year eighteen experts were trained responsible for decision making in the field of environmental protection program “Environmental Safety” and “Activity for Waste Management” based on the site Noncommercial Educational Organization NP “Training Center”.

“Work of grid distribution companies can be called ‘softly’ as affecting the environment — stressed the head of the production control and safety Office of Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre Maxim Yashin. — Nevertheless, the experts of our Office closely monitor and control the environmental performance, striving for maximum reduction of the negative impact on the environment”.

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