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Employee of Smolenskenergo won the regional round of the All-Russian Competition of Excellence "Best in Profession" in the in nomination "Best welder"


The regional stage of the All-Russian Competition of Excellence “Best in Profession” in the nomination “Best Welder” was held in the city of Gagarin, organized by the Department of the Smolensk region on energy, energy efficiency, tariff policy and industry. The competition among the welders for welding method — manual arc welding with coated electrodes — was attended by welder of category 5 of mechanization and transport service of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division Yury Golikov, who presented the branch with dignity at the regional level competition.

The competition was held to promote and popularize working trades, improving vocational training and level of prestige of skilled labour of workers of mass professions. The tasks of the competition — attracting staff to the industrial sector of the economy, improving the professional and creative skills.

Before the start of competition the participants familiarized themselves with the terms of the implementation of practical and theoretical assignments, methods of assessment of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, scoring and determination of winners, and they also performed test operations with the use of competitive equipment and materials.

The competition included the implementation of practical steps by the participants — manual welding arc of a metal pipe with coated electrodes at an angle of 45◦ and the passage of the theoretical assignments (answers to questions in the theory of welding processes and manual arc welding with coated electrodes).

We are proud to note that the employee of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division Yury Golikov showed the best knowledge in the basic fundamentals of the profession!

It should be noted that the participants who committed violations of safety rules or techniques of practical tasks, according to the decision of the Expert group, were removed from taking part in the competition. Such severe penalties were not to be applied to any of the contenders, which indicates a high level of the participating specialists.

Members of the Competition Commission, which included the head of the Department of the Smolensk region on energy, energy efficiency, tariff policy and industry Gennady Yakovlev and head of the administration of Gagarin in the Smolensk region Alexander Grinkevich, thanked the participants for their desire to win and a high competitive spirit by awarding the winners with prizes and gifts.

The winner of the regional stage of the competition “Best Welder” will be nominated for the contest at the federal level, which will be held in Ufa from 2 to 5 October 2012.

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