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Lipetskenergo has signed 7533 agreements for value-added services


The range of value-added services, provided by Lipetskenergo, includes maintenance and development of outdoor lighting networks, maintenance and repair of electrical networks and electrical equipment, reconstruction of power grid facilities of IDGC of Centre for the benefit of customers (change of networks location), testing and diagnostics of electrical equipment, installation and replacement of meters, placing advertising at energy facilities, etc.

For 5 months 2012 Lipetskenergo has concluded 7533 agreements for the provision of value-added services, most of which (73%) are thef contracts for the installation and replacement of electricity meters. This service is performed by specialists of Lipetskenergo as part of Federal Law № 261 from 27.10.2009, which governs the relations for energy conservation and energy efficiency. According to the 13th article of the Federal Law, all generated, transmitted, consumed energy resources are subject to compulsory metering with the use of devices to meter consumed energy resources. This requirement applies to all facilities that are connected to the grid of centralized power supply, including owners of residential buildings. Homeowners are required to ensure that homes equipped with modern metering devices of the types, approved by the federal executive body on technical regulation and metrology, in the period up to July 1, 2012.

Among the value-added services of the branch there is also the operational maintenance and management of customer electrical networks of 0.4-110 kV, which ensures the maintenance in good condition of distribution points, power and package transformer substations of 10 (6)/0.4 kV, overhead and cable lines of0.4-10 kV. The reliability of power supply depends on the power engineering activities in this direction.

High-quality street lighting in the region is equally important. For this purpose, Lipetsk power engineers perform maintenance and development of outdoor lighting networks, which is done on the basis of 19 long-term contracts with consumers.

Specialists of the branch also provide services for installation, upgrading and maintenance of the automated electricity metering system (AMR). Currently, this type of service is in demand among major customers, namely 17 leading enterprises in the region. The implementation of AMR in industrial plants can improve the metering accuracy and reduce the cost of processing the information on energy consumption, decrease energy costs by switching to zone tariffs, control the amount of actually consumed power. The implementation of AMR is also effective both for housing organizations and residential consumers, as it provides a reduction in energy losses by monitoring and analyzing consumption at home as a whole.

To prevent failures in the power equipment operation and reduce the probability risk of emergencies power engineers of IDGC of Centre perform tests of high-voltage equipment and electric protection means. Currently, this service is provided through contracts with 21 enterprises of the region.

Residents of the Lipetsk region can find information on all the value-added services, provided by the branch, by contacting the Customer Service Centres in Lipetsk, Yelets, Dankov and via the Direct Power Hot Line of IDGC of Centre at 8-800-5050-115 (toll free).

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