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Flashmob for Orelenergo


IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division has launched a project competition “Energy and Me”, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Orelenergo and the Orel power system. All branch’s employees, as well as their family members, even the smallest have been invited to participate in it.

Among power engineers there are many gifted in various fields people. And such events, no doubt, will develop in the younger generation an interest in the energy sector occupations. This contest, as organizers say, will allow the team members to express themselves in various creative works.

The jury is accepting research, creative, adventure, game and role-playing projects.

— We did not limit the imagination of the participants within specific genres. After all, the project can be called anything: pictures, crafts, music, models, essays, a series of photographs, poems, presentations, researches — says Head of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo Marina Yakovenko.

The list of topics that prompted the contestants to dream up is too wide, but they are all somehow related to Orelenergo and staff of the company:

“My parents — Power Engineers”, “Dynasty”, “History of the native dubdivision”, “They want to be like them”, “What I know about the history of Orelenergo”, “Family Archives”, “Future Energy”.

When choosing winners execution of works, their compliance with the stated theme and, of course, the original idea will be taken into account.

It is worth noting that the team is discussing possible ideas for the contest with a passion. And some of them are quite ambitious. Take, for example, the idea to involve friends and acquaintances for a flash mob in honour of Orelenergo.

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