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Belgorodenergo is taking part in training of young human resources


The Government of the Belgorod region and IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division signed a cooperation agreement aimed at creating favourable conditions for the preparation of highly qualified mid-level specialists on the site of the regional public autonomous institution of vocational education “Valuisky Industrial College”. Students will be trained in specialties needed for industrial production and the needs of municipal formations of the region.

A distinctive feature of the today’s labour market is the shortage of highly skilled workers caused by the steady growth of the real economy of the region. The solution to this problem should be a system of patronage of large enterprises over vocational schools of the region, which, as initiated by the regional authorities, were transferred from the federal control to the regional one and starting from last year they are financed from the budget of the region.

According to Governor Evgeny Savchenko, a leading player in any economic system today — is skilled labour: “Today big businesses in the region have already felt that the main factor of success — preparation of real masters of their trade. To do this you must either create your own platform for training, or use the potential of vocational schools. The region decided to follow the path of integration of educational institutions and large employers”, — stressed Governor.

The basic platform for the training of specialists for work in the electricity industry in the region and the enterprises of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division will be Valuisky Industrial College. Algorithm to work with Belgorodenergo is now only being developed. It was decided that this year based on the college a new specialty in demand will be created in power engineering — “Electrical Technician”. In addition, it is planned to upgrade the material and technical base of the institution, the equipment of new laboratories, stands on labour protection, the development of engineering diagrams and practical training of students in Belgorodenergo.

“In the new academic year we plan to enroll about 60 graduates from classes 9 and 11. In July, training for production masters and teachers of special subjects on new technologies at the system-wide educational and training centre of the branch in the town of Valuiki will be organized, — tells Director of Valuisky Industrial College Valentina Volokhova. — To conduct theoretical and practical training experts of Belgorodenergo will be involved already in September. Also power engineers will participate in the public evaluation committees of the College and commissions for certification of professional qualifications of graduates”.

Students, enrolled in the specialty “Electrical Technician”, will be able to get acquainted with the practical application of modern technologies and organization of production, working conditions and progressive methods of management. Valentina Volokhova noted that the system-wide educational and training centre of Belgorodenergo, located in Valuisky DEN, fully meets the requirements of educational programs and topics of the curriculum, since it presents all the models of equipment that are used today in the power system in the region.

As Head of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division Lyudmila Demina said that in preparing professionals to work in the energy sector the most attention will be given to practical training of students at power equipment of the branch, as the college is introducing a dual system of education. It is based on practical training, which takes place in the workplace, and the number of classes, by contrast, is reduced. In the West, such a system has already proved its effectiveness.

“The introduction of the dual form of training can solve the basic problem of vocational education — a gap between theory of school and practice at work — explained Lyudmila Demina. — In 2012 only one energy specialty will be introduced, but then their number will increase and the college will be able to train, for example, bucket truck operators and hydraulic lift drivers, drivers with a combination of the profession of en electrician and other workers’ professions”.

Let’s note that Belgorodenergo always paid much attention to career counselling of graduates of power engineering educational institutions. Close partnership to prepare future human resources have been established with Voronezh State Technical University, Gubkin Institute (branch) of Moscow State Open University, Southwestern State University in Kursk, Ivanovo State Power Engineering University and Belgorod State Technological University after V.G. Shukhov.

Only in 2011 39 people came to work at Belgorodenergo from different universities and colleges. Each year more than fifteen hundred students from various universities and secondary specialized educational institutions have their work experience in the branch. In the first half of this year 178 students had their practice. As for graduates of Valuisky Industrial College, then after graduation, they will be able to get a job in Belgorodenergo with occupations and professions necessary for the branch.

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