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Yaroslavl power engineers are improving their driving skills


Each year IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has training on the program "Safe Driving", which aims at reducing risks in driving office vehicles, as well as increasing the effectiveness and safety of transportation within the branch. In June 2012 this training was taken by 114 drivers of the branch.

Transport is of key importance for power engineers. Crews of Yarenergo must be able to quickly come to any, even the most remote facility. This is especially true in emergency situations when power supply of consumers depends on the time of elimination of disturbances.

Classes were held at the State Academy of Industrial Management after N.P. Pastukhov. The training was constructed in a dialogue: experts-teachers responded to questions raised, and on the basis of examples, which power engineers made from their driver's own practice, common mistakes and correct algorithm behavior on the road was examined. These classes help to expand and systematize the theoretical knowledge of driving in standard, complex and dangerous driving conditions, as well as form a sense of responsibility for drivers, motivated to master the safe style of driving.

During the training the drivers of the branch improved their skills on attention concentration, observing the traffic situation, the recognition of hazards, predicting the actions of other road users and the planning of their own actions. In conclusion, the staff of Yarenergo was given detailed recommendations on self-improvement of driving skills.

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