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Head of Temkinsky district of the Smolensk region thanked power engineers for their help in improving the district center


Head of municipal formation "Temkinsky district" of the Smolensk region Roman Zhuravlev sent a letter of gratitude addressed to Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division director Sabir Agamaliyev. The letter expresses gratitude to the staff of Temkinsky District of Electrical Networks of the branch, who took an active part in the civil action "The youth - the future of Russia!" on June 12, 2012 in the village of Temkino.

Special gratitude was expressed to Chief Engineer of the District of Electrical Networks Alexey Ershov, Electrician Sergey Bardyshev and Konstantin Silyutsky, Master Michael Khokholev and Operator Yury Piskarev. "With their conscientious work on the improvement of the district center they showed active citizenship", - mentioned the letter.

Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN) of the branch constantly keep their territory clean. Please, be reminded that in 2010 at the annual contest for land improvement of the territory of Safonovsky district the Safonovsky DEN received a diploma for the second place in the category "Best enterprise for improvement". A complex of measures aimed at maintaining cleanliness and order in the DEN, improving the appearance of the area, was highly appreciated by the administration.

"Power engineers keep the appearance and the technical condition of buildings and structures in order, check sanitary condition of sidewalks and entrances to them, the existence and condition of small architectural forms, stands, boxes, gardens, garden beds, flower beds, recreation areas and places of rest. However, the activity is not limited to its own territory, we also try whenever possible to help settlements, where we reside, because it's nice to go back from work on the well-kept streets and clean roads", - stated Chief Engineer of Temkinsky DEN Alexey Ershov.

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