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Managers of Smolenskenergo met students who came to their practical work in the branch


27 students of "Scientific Research Institute MPEI" in the city of Smolensk began their production practice in IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division. The students will have their practice in the department of perspective development, power lines service, as well as in the offices of grid connections, customer relationship, electric energy delivery, information technology and economic management. Also a part of the students was sent for practical training in Districts of Electrical Networks of the branch. All the students who came to the branch for their practice are third course students specializing in "Electrical Power Engineering".

"The task of the production practice - the acquisition of skills in the specialty, strengthening, expanding and systematizing the theoretical knowledge gained in the study of special subjects, as well as the adaptation of future graduates in the workplace. We are ready to create the conditions for maximum efficiency of practical training", - explained Head of Human Resources Office of the branch Alla Korolkova.

Within one month it is planned to have theoretical and practical classes, seminars, student participation in productive activities of the branch. Technical experts will introduce the third course students and their teachers with the work of Smolensk substations "Talashkino" and "Smolensk-1", as well as conduct tours of the Smolensk CHP-2 and the Grid Control Center of Smolenskenergo.

The students will become familiar with the work of various services of the enterprise, the main electric grid equipment, technology and organization of repair and maintenance activities, safety rules, and will help power engineers in the processing flow diagrams and work in the ERP corporate system.

Director of the branch Sabir Agamaliyev told the trainees about the formation, development and features of the Smolensk power system, about the main activities of IDGC of Centre, the parameters of the grid, investment and maintenance programs of Smolenskenergo and development prospects of the branch.

Deputy Director for development and sale of services of Smolenskenergo Andrey Zhidenko wished the trainees fruitful work in the walls of the branch, acquiring the necessary skills for their future career and expressed his confidence that he would see some of the trainees who had successfully passed the practice, at their pregraduation practice, and then as employees of the branch.

With employment of young people it is important that a company, to which they come, is modern, reliable and stable. That is why Chairman of the Board to work with the youth Alexey Magon said to future power engineers about prospects of personal and career growth in the company, capacity and professional skills building, social programs for young employees, the trade union of the branch and answered all the questions.

"Smolenskenergo has been working with "Scientific Research Institute MPEI" in Smolensk for many years. The university annually provides staff for the energy industry of Russia. We are pleased that its graduates come to us each year. Therefore, we consider it to be our duty to organize a dignified passage of undergraduate and production practice by students at our sites, and to supervise graduate coursework, and to participate in the graduation examination boards", - commented Alla Korolkova.

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