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A copy of the Banner of Victory took the place of honour in the Alexeyevsky local history museum


June 22, 67-year anniversary of the Victory, at the Soldier's Glory Memorial in the town Alexeyevka of the Belgorod region the historical and commemorative Victory Banner Relay completed, which lasted two months in all districts of the region. Power engineers of Alexeyevsky District of Electrical Networks of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division gave an exact copy of the sacred symbol in temporary storage to the Alexeyevsky local history museum.

The Victory Banner Relay was launched in IDGC Holding in the year of the 65th anniversary of Great Victory. Belgorod Branch of IDGC of Centre is taking part in this important patriotic event for the third time - in 2010 a solemn meeting was held at the memorial "Belfry" at Prokhorovka field, where in the summer of 1943 there was the largest tank battle in the history. In 2011, it covered all districts of the region, culminating in the City of Military Glory of Stary Oskol. May 4 this year at the site of Belgorod State Historical-Artistic Museum-Diorama "Battle of Kursk. Belgorod region" the sacred symbol of the Great Victory was officially handed over to veterans-power engineers of all 22 Districts of Electrical Networks of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division. In general, the legendary symbol of the Russian victory was delivered to 69 regions of the country, where it was taken for storage in 1697 Districts of Electrical Networks.

The Victory Banner Relay ended on Memorial and Tribulation Day at the Soldier's Glory Memorial in Alexeyevka. The ceremonial meeting was attended by Head of the city administration Alexey Gorbatenko, Chief of Alexeyevsky DEN of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division Nikolay Ryzhykh, war veterans and employees of Alexeyevsky DEN, representatives of the Youth Council of Belgorodenergo and students of Alexeyevsky College of" Economy and Information Technology".

"We all remember, how many gravest trials that day started, how many heroes, ordinary people went to the front and how many did not return, how many yesterday's schoolchildren and students said goodbye to their childhood in a unified effort to protect the Homeland. We will remember all those killed in the name of peace, for the sake of our country's independence. And we are grateful for what we got such an honour - to keep this sacred banner, the symbol of the Great Victory", - said Nikolay Ryzhykh.

Alexey Gorbatenko reminded military and labour feats committed by our fathers and grandfathers, who also laid the foundations of the modern power industry, and the entire economy of the country: "We are mindful of those who we owe our happiness of peaceful life, and instruct our children to remember this. Victory Banner demonstrates the continuity of generations and the inextricable link with the heroic past of our country. This is a great symbol of courage and patriotism of Russians", - he stressed.

A copy of the relic under the solemn sounds of the march was brought in cadets of school # 3 and transferred to Veteran of the Belgorod power system Anatoly Usenko and Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Anna Surina. "I went through the war, marched through Russia, and was in Koenigsberg and East Prussia. And in Germany I signed the wall of the destroyed Reichstag building. I wish you much good, and most importantly - that you won’t have to see the war, which our generation went through. Let this banner be a guarantee that you will never let any war happen. Take care of yourselves and your beloved. Our Homeland is now in your hands"- Anna Surina appealed to the younger generation in Alexeyevka.

A replica of the Victory Banner the veterans gave for temporary storage the Alexeyevsky local history museum, where it will be kept until the next Holiday of Great Victory. On the eve of May 9, 2013 the flag will be back and go into permanent storage in the Museum of Energy of Alexeyevsky DEN.

"Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers fought bravely in the Great Patriotic War. We always tell our children of their feats and heroism. I am proud to have this copy of the Victory Banner in our museum. I am sure that its very presence in the museum will help to expand the boundaries of military-patriotic education of our children and the neighboring areas, which will come to us on tour", - said the museum's director Margarita Korobova.

Participants of the action commemorated soldiers who died during World War II with a moment of silence. After laying flowers at a stele at the Eternal Flame, the Banner was taken to the museum building and put it in the place of honour in the center of the exposition dedicated to the Victory Day.

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