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Competitions of professional skills of staff of diagnostics sections took place in Kostromaenergo for the first time


The contest of professional skills was held in IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division. The competitions, which took place at the training centre of Kostroma Power College after F. Chizhov, were attended by Kostromsky, Galichsky, Sharyinsky and Neysky sections of the diagnostics service of the branch.

These competitions are a regional stage of the All-Russian Competition of Excellence "Best in Profession" in the nomination "Best Electrician", which are held on sites of the distribution electric grid companies that are a part of IDGC Holding.

The first stage of the competitions – testing the knowledge of existing rules and regulations. For half an hour each participant had to answer 30 questions relating to occupational health, safety, technical maintenance and documentation on electrical equipment. The testing took place in the mode of examination.

The second stage – saving a victim from electric shock when working in a ground-fault neutralizer bay during test a 10 kV cable line and first aid provision to him.

The remaining four steps were of technical character and were familiar to all participants as their everyday work. Thus, in conditions as close to real the power engineers had preventive tests of a separately installed 110 kV transformer entry bushing, a utility transformer with the issuance of conclusions about its condition, found a fault on a 10 kV cable line and measured the resistance of grounding device at a substation by checking the phase-zero circuit in the 0.4 kV network.

Following the results of the first six stages the undisputed winner was the team of Sharyinsky section of the diagnostics service. The second place was taken by the team of Kostromsky section, the third – Neysky section. In addition, following the results of the competitions the winners in different specialties were announced. They were awarded the title of "Best in Profession". The best engineer with the right to test high voltage electrical equipment was Andrey Lobanov - Lead Engineer of Sharyinsky section of the diagnostics service. The winner in the nomination "Best work performer" was Vitaly Komarov - Electrician for testing and measurement of Category 5 of Sharyinsky section of the diagnostics service. Evgeny Maslov, Electrician of Category 4 of Kostromsky section of the diagnostics service, was named the first among electricians for testing and measurement.

Summarizing the regional competitions, Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division Evgeny Smirnov stressed that they were at a high level. The participants showed a good level of theoretical knowledge, quickly coped with the tasks set.

The competitions of professional skills among employees of structural units of Kostromaenergo are conducted annually. They are intended to identify the best talents among representatives of the major energy trades. The winners of the regional stage of the contest will go to defend the honour of the branch at the competitions of IDGC of Centre, which will take place in July.

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