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Power engineers of Ostrovsky DEN of Kostromaenergo received gratitude for their care for children


The Ostrovsky District of Electrical Networks of IDGC of Centre – Kostromaenergo division received a letter of thanks from the head of Ostrovsky rural settlement Nina Didenko for active participation in the life of the settlement and genuine concern for the younger generation.

With the active support of staff from the District of Electrical Networks a playground was built in the central part of the settlement of Ostrovskoye. On the eve of International Children's Day power engineers cleared the central area of the settlement off vegetation, removed old trees, and planted a Memory lane around the playground. The administration installed swings, slides and horizontal bars on the site prepared by the power engineers. Thanks to the joint efforts June 1 was a real holiday for kids in Ostrovskoye. "On this playground children spend time with fun and benefits of their own development. Its appearance - a contribution to the improvement of the settlement,"- said the letter of thanks.

"Power engineers of Ostrovsky DEN are working closely with local authorities and organizations of the district. We are always waited for in the schools where we conduct classes on electrical safety. Local institutions actively respond to offers to participate in actions of power engineers, such as planting trees, - says Chief of Ostrovsky District of Electrical Networks Sergey Chistyakov. - As residents of the district, we have to maintain our settlement in order, but as power engineers - to give people not only light but also vital power and emotional warmth".

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