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The Victory Banner Relay continues in the Tver land


A solemn event was held in Tver branch of IDGC of Centre dedicated to the transfer of a copy of the Banner of Victory to 36 Districts of Electrical Networks of the branch. The Victory Banner Relay, launched in 2010, was organized by the Coordination Council of Veterans of the electric distribution grid complex of IDGC Holding.

The participants of the meeting were members of the Council of Veterans of Tverenergo, Youth Council, representatives of the Districts of Electrical Networks, and employees of the branch.

With words of gratitude, respect and reverence for the heroes of the Victory addressed Head of Human Resources Office of Tverenergo Sergey Zhirkov: "The feat of the Soviet people in World War II is inscribed in golden letters in the heroic annals of the Russian history. One of the most complicated pages of the Tver military history was the defense and liberation of the city of Kalinin December 16, 1941. Then in the battle of Kalinin 20,000 soldiers and more than two thousand civilians were killed. The liberation of the city played a significant role in debunking the myth of the invincibility of the Nazi troops".

All the present with the music of the war years saw a film about a difficult period in the national history. The footage telling about the Tver power system operation during 1941-1945 made especially vivid impression. In the video frames Member of the Council of Veterans Alexey Khazov shares his memories of how during the occupation of Kalinin the power equipment was hidden in the Volga river, so the fascists could not get it. But a week after its liberation from Nazi invaders electricity was restored.

The meeting’s participants talked about the war, the heroism of labour workers in the sector, the role of the Tver power engineers in approaching the Victory Day and the restoration of power industry.

The outcome of the meeting was the presentation of copies of the Victory Banner to representatives of Districts of Electrical Networks. This honourable duty was assigned to the veterans, since their heroism is a shining example of true patriotism, fortitude and indomitable will. Now, exact copies of the sacred relic are kept in 36 Districts of Electrical Networks of the Tver region. The transfer of the exact copies of the Banner of Victory is the commemorative tradition, aimed at preserving the continuity of generations, building respect for the past of the country in the civil society, perpetuating the memory of those who died for freedom and independence of the Motherland.

After the solemn ceremony veterans of Tverenergo and power engineers of IDGC of Centre – Tverenergo division paid tribute to the fallen defenders of the Motherland, laid a wreath to the monument of the Victory and bowed their heads during a moment of silence for all those who never returned from battle.

The meeting concluded with presentation of flowers to all veterans and the festive table, where the defenders of the Fatherland were able to share memories of the war years, to tell how they were marching different military roads, but the goal was one – the Victory.

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