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Representatives of Bryanskenergo congratulated the school-leavers of their patronized boarding school on the occasion of the Last Bell


In late May, during the traditional festive days of the Last Bell representatives of Bryanskenergo visited Mglinsky special education boarding school to congratulate the school-leavers on the occasion of the Last Bell.

Addressing the school-leavers, Sergey Voznesensky, Chairman of the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo stressed that "the pupils received the knowledge required for the adult life in the walls of the school. Now what career they choose just depends on the yesterday’s schoolchildren themselves". He also said that not only teachers, but employees of Bryanskenergo, who for many years have been patrons of the boarding school, are ready to help the young people in difficult moments of their life. He also urged the school-leavers not to forget their mentors and cherish the friendship, acquired in the walls of the boarding school.

To make these parting words not only a wish the power engineers presented the school-leavers with mobile phones. Their rate is chosen so that conversations between former classmates will be free. From the trade union, each school-leaver was presented with an umbrella and a beautiful ribbon with the inscription "The School-leaver". The employees of Bryanskenergo did not forget those who were staying at the boarding school. They gave as a gift a printer and soccer balls. In addition, the employees of branch collected of a large number of clothes, books and toys for the kids.

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