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Preparing for the summer fire-risk period - an urgent task in Lipetskenergo


In connection with the onset of the summer fire risk period and increased risk of emergencies experts of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division launched a series of measures to improve the reliability and safety of energy facilities.

In accordance with the order "On preparing for the summer period and operation during the fire-risk period at high summer ambient temperature" the branch performed spot checks of the state of fire safety of energy facilities. As a result of inspections conducted by fire departments and technical committees, measures were developed to ensure the reliable operation of the electric grid of the branch, occupational safety of personnel and to prevent disturbances of the electricity supply to consumers of electrical energy during periods of high ambient temperatures.

On the eve of the fire risk period power engineers of Lipetskenergo cleared premises of production facilities and substations of dry grass and debris. For working out actions for fire fighting in the premises of 35-110 kV substation and protected areas along overhead lines, as well as checking ways of interaction with the territorial divisions of MOE joint trainings are being conducted with regional fire departments.

Throughout the whole fire-risk operation mode, introduced by the Head of the Regional Administration from April 25 to September 20, 2012, power engineers will pay special attention to the fighting state of oil-filled equipment, staffing of power facilities with the primary fire extinguishing agents, plowing around the outer perimeter of premises of 35-110 kV substation and digging around wooden poles, which may be in the zone of possible ground fires, the performance of fire protection and water supply systems, proper maintenance of access roads to water sources, reservoirs and fire hydrants.

"Preparing for the summer fire-risk period requires special attention, especially in connection with anomalous hot weather, observed in the Central region the two previous summers. To minimize the potential for possible emergency situations related to possible increased air temperature and dry weather, experts of Lipetskenergo are making every effort"- stressed Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of Lipetskenergo Alexander Kornilov.

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