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Guarantee of reliable electricity supply


IDGC of Centre – Yarenergo division acquired 24 self-contained diesel generator sets of various capacities in the amount of 9 million rubles. This equipment provides backup power supply of infrastructure facilities for the period of emergency and restoration operations.

To date in all Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN) of Yarenergo there are 49 diesel generator sets. Following the results of the last centralized procurement the technical fleet of Yaroslavl has had new nine petrol generators and 15 diesel generators on the chassis and the trailer. These are modern easy-to-use devices that can provide necessary reserve of electrical power for a period of emergency outage of consumers.

Employees in each DEN of the branch had their training to work with the diesel-generator sets.

"All of our diesel generator sets have been tested. Each DEN has experts who will transport and operate them. There is necessary supply of fuel. Yarenergo is ready to provide backup power to socially important facilities during emergency and restoration activities in our networks", - stressed Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of distribution network Office of IDGC of Centre – Yarenergo division Anatoly Korolev.

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