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A unique exhibition of rare electricity metering devices opened in Tambovenergo


The exhibition "History of the electric meter: the era of great achievements" was opened on the site of the Museum of the Tambov power system history of IDGC of Centre – Tambovenergo division, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the region. The special relevance of the event is due to the fact that the year of 2012 was declared the Year of Russian history pursuant to the Presidential decree.

"The opening of the first exhibition at the Museum of the Tambov power system history is important for Tambovenergo. The exhibition presents unique electric meters, reflecting the different stages of development of the Tambov power system from the postwar period to the present day. I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition and the metrology service that provided the rare meters for exposure", - stressed Deputy General Director IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division director Vladimir Syschikov.

The electrification of the Tambov region as well as the whole country in the postwar years was large scaled. It was at that time when the electricity began to appear even in the remotest corners of the Tambov region. Formation of the Tambov power system began in 1960 with the founding of the regional energy office "Tambovenergo". Prior to that there was only a diesel station in the regional center, and Selenergo operated five hydroelectric power stations.

Since the advent of electric lighting there was a necessity to meter it. During this period, meters in the homes of villagers began to appear. Today, these old hard metering devices, long written off, occupy a central place in the museum exhibition.

An AC meter of telephone and telegraph plant named Kulakov, AC meter manufactured by Berlin plant named after Stalin, a German trophy meter SIEMENS are of particular interest. It is noteworthy that it meters hectowatt-hours. This metering device was received for the collection as a gift from specialists of Tambov City Grid Company.

Most of the devices are already fifty years old. Despite the fact that per the technical certificate the lifetime of an induction meter is 32 years, each of these items in the collection is in order and may clearly, without interruption, measure kilowatt-hours.

Congratulating the Tambov power engineers with the opening of the exhibition, Director of the Tambov regional museum Andrey Chilikin highly appreciated the work done: "On this festive day I wish to the Museum of the Tambov power system to develop further and be popular among power engineers. In my view, there should be as many such events as possible. I hope that over time, the museum will become a platform for communication of power engineers, veterans, students and pupils".

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