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Bryanskenergo: the winter‘s operation is successful


IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division held a press conference at which summarized the work of the grid company in the autumn-winter 2011/12 period. The press conference was attended by representatives of leading mass media of the region.

According to Deputy Chief Engineer of the branch of Operations Sergey Polyakov, Bryanskenergo operated during the autumn and winter period without disturbances. In spite of the weather anomalies - heavy snowfalls at above zero temperature, gusty winds – power engineers coped with their main objective - a reliable power supply to consumers.

The systematic and quality preparation of equipment for use in extreme conditions, high professional qualifications of staff contributed to such a result. In preparation for the winter a range of activities aimed at improving the reliability of power equipment was performed in Bryanskenergo.

The complex of activities on preparing the company to operate during the autumn-winter period provides for the execution of tasks assigned by the maintenance and investment programs. Much attention is paid to conduct emergency response exercises and special training of personnel, stocking the emergency reserve, availability of the fleet of vehicles. The volume of investments of Bryanskenergo in 2011 amounted to 621 million rubles. The targeted program to improve reliability was fulfilled in advance. The year’s repair program was performed at 111 per cent. During this time, seven 35-110 kV substations, 538 6-10/0.4 kV transformer substations, 668 km of power lines of 35-110 kV and 1925 km of 0.4-10 kV were renovated. Much attention was paid to the readness in case of emergency. The necessary emergency supplies were stocked, trainings of maintenance personnel were conducted, who should be ready to work in conditions of increased difficulty. 54 mobile electric power plants ranging from 5 to 100 kW were purchased, which in the case of disturbances during the restoration of a power line would provide electricity to infrastructure facilities. A distinctive feature of the repair work in the past year was a shift in the planning of repairs of equipment using the automated SAP/ERP system, based on analysis of the technical condition, failure rate and risks. This fundamentally new approach to create maintenance programs allows more efficient use of resources to do more repairs at those facilities, which the reliability of power supply in peak loads depends on.

In 2011 the program of repairs was formed, taking into account the actual condition of the equipment. It included electrical systems with a low health index. This approach allowed to increase the investment amount to modernize operations. Equipment renovation, that is decrease in the percentage of its wear - today is the main strategic objective of the industry. For several years Bryanskenergo and other branches of IDGC of Center during the repair campaign have used new organizational forms that provide for more cost-effective money spending. It is about comprehensive repairs that involve simultaneous, overall maintenance of a facility. Doing it, due to a more rational use of labour and reduction of transportation costs, significant cost savings are achieved. However, it is not about reducing costs, but about their better use. The volume of this year’s repair program compared to last has increased from 94 to 102 million rubles.

Based on the past experience of the operation through the autumn-winter period, in preparation for the autumn-winter 2011/12 period the emphasis was made on improving reliability of power lines, the important part which is the state of ROWs. At those power 35-110 kV lines, where the ROW expansion was performed, the damage to lines has become much less. In total the ROW extension along power lines was performed in the area of 341 ha, which secured many kilometers of overhead lines from short circuit as a result of tall trees falling onto wires growing on the outskirts of ROWs.

A planned ROW clearing plays an important role in enhancing the reliability of power supply. Last year, the plan for this activity as a whole was performed at 119 per cent, and for 35-110 kV Conductors - 123 per cent. ROW clearing was made by employees of the branch and specialized contractors, attracted to this work. Mulchers were used for ROW clearing. With their help a qualitative and environmentally efficient clearing was performed: mulchers cut bushes, grind them into wood chips, mixing them with the top layer of soil.

A major role in improving the reliability of power lines was assigned to the application of advanced materials and advanced technologies. In particular, self-supporting insulated wire; polymer insulators; bus-tie switches – reclosers; vacuum and gas-insulated circuit breakers were used for the reconstruction of overhead lines. Gentle and non-destructive methods used for line diagnostics.

This year, the work is continuing on improving the operational and technological management of the branch’s power grid that improve the observability of power facilities, to respond more quickly to emergencies caused by weather conditions.

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