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Smolenskenergo is taking an active part in the action of IDGC Holding "Save the energy of the forest"


In 2012, the large-scale All-Russian Socio-Ecological Action of IDGC Holding "Electricity Distribution Complex - for the environment" was started at IDGC of Centre for the second time dedicated to the annual planting of greenery.

In late April, staff of Smolenskenergo planted 1150 saplings of different species, which symbolizes the approaching anniversary of the hero-city of Smolensk: in 2013 Regional Centre will celebrate its 1150th anniversary. Heads of the branch, representatives of the veterans' board and the board to work with young people of Smolenskenergo, and employees of all Districts of Electrical Networks with their families participated in the planting.

The action "Save the energy of the forest", which started a year ago received a positive response from the public, this time the Smolensk power engineers were joined by representatives of the public organization "Business Russia", "OPORA Russia" and "ROSTO DOSAAF", as well as future colleagues – power engineering students. Together, April 28 in Leninsky district of Smolensk the Alley of Power Engineers was laid of 35 linden trees at the entrance to which a stone with a granite plaque was set, "ALLEY OF POWER ENGINEERS was planted in April 2012 jointly by branches of IDGC of Centre -Smolenskenergo division and FGBOU VPO "NIU" Moscow Power Engineering Institute" in the city of Smolensk".

New avenues of power engineers appeared in Velizhsky, Dorogobuzhsky, Krasninsky, Monastyrschinsky and Rudnynsky districts of the Smolensk region. The species of the trees planted were different. For example, in Krasninsky and Monastyrschinsky districts alleys of 217 and 60 birches appeared, respectively, in the same Monastyrschinsky and Khislavichsky districts - 120 and 50 fir trees, in Vyazemsky - 40 chestnut trees.

Representatives of the Youth Council in conjunction with staff of Demidovsky District of Electrical Networks of Smolenskenergo planted 40 pine trees in the arboretum in the National Park "Smolensk Lake District", which has the status of a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. In the future we plan to take patronage over the development and improvement of the territory.

Invaluable help and assistance was provided to the Smolensk power engineers by the heads of the administration of Smolensk, MAU "Gorzelenstroy" and the Department of Forestry in the Smolensk region. In the near future it is scheduled to sign agreements with these organizations to further develop the action of IDGC Holding "Electricity Distribution Complex - for the environment".

"It is a pleasure to perform such important and necessary work with the colleagues, who are indifferent to the problem. I am thankful to all who responded and joined our activities", - stressed Head of Human Resources Office Alla Korolkova.

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