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Bryanskenergo increased power supply reliability of infrastructure facilities


IDGC of Centre – Bryanskenergo division purchased 54 mobile power plants operating on the basis of diesel generators. They are necessary for the organization of immediate power supply of a facility at the time of repair and restoration work. Power engineers often face situations where socially important facilities are without power due to lack of backup power at the time of the repair and restoration work. Until now, many medical facilities, boilers, regional schools do not have the financial ability to purchase backup power sources, with which they must be equipped according to standards. Portable power plants will help to establish a temporary supply of consumers in the event of accidental damage to the grid.

Now almost all Districts of Electrical Networks of the branch have reliable and mobile equipment at their disposal. 5.5 kW power plants can be transported in the cabin of a mobile crew vehicle, 20 kW and higher power plants are installed on the chassis and transported in a trailer.

Diesel generators were used during the inclement weather in December, when several areas of the region were affected by the snowstorm, and staff of Bryanskenergo was to ready to connect them if there was a threat to the main power supply of polling stations during the elections to the State Duma and presidential elections.

According to Deputy Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of Bryanskenergo Alexander Kosarim, thanks to this there is an opportunity in the case of failures, even during the restoration work, not to interrupt the power supply of socially significant facilities.

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