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Yarenergo successfully passed the autumn and winter peak loads


The autumn-winter period 2011-2012 ended. Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Igor Solonikov spoke on the results of operation through it at the press conference. The event was attended by representatives of the Regional Administration, Department of fuel, energy and tariff regulation of the Yaroslavl region, as well as journalists from leading media in the region.

The lower the temperature, the higher the level of energy consumption, and therefore more responsibility power engineers have. The extreme cold in February tested the power grid equipment for strength as it could, but Yaroslavl power engineers provided a reliable electricity supply to consumers throughout the autumn-winter period and minimized the number of power system disturbances.

The thorough preparation contributed to the successful operation through the seasonal peak loads. In 2011, Yaroslavl branch of IDGC of Centre performed major and minor repairs in excess of 120 million rubles. More than two thousand kilometers of high voltage lines 0,4-110 kV, 306 transformer substations were repaired, the comprehensive repair of 14 supply centers of 35-220 kV was performed, 1392 hectares of ROWs were cleared and 404 hectares of ROWs along power lines were expanded.

An important factor for the successful operation through the 2011-2012 autumn-winter period was the implementation of target programs aimed at improving the reliability of substations and power lines. In 2011, pursuant to the target reliability program specialists of the branch completed the reconstruction of substations (SS) 110/6 kV “Polygraph” and SS 110/35/10 kV “Klimatino” in terms of the replacement of isolating switches and short-circuiters for gas-insulated circuit breakers. At the 110/6 kV substation “Perekop” the old small oil 6 kV circuit breakers were replace with new vacuum circuit breakers. Fiber optic arc-fault protection was installed at 12 feeding centers. Vehicles and special equipment played an important role, the fleet of which was significantly increased in Yarenergo in the past year.

This past autumn and winter the branch provided reliable power supply of major events such as elections of deputies of State Duma and presidential elections, the mayor of the city of Yaroslavl, as well as World Ski Race Cup in “Demino”. At the time of these events special supervision over operation was engaged, and additional checks of electric grid equipment were performed. Temporary information centers were formed, and responsible officials were on duty around the clock. In the case of possible power outages Yaroslavl power engineers were ready to use redundant power supply sources — 49 self-contained diesel generator sets, which were located in all Districts of Electrical Networks and technical services of the branch.

Due to the renovation and construction of new electricity supply facilities Yaroslavl power engineers commissioned 5.15 MVA capacity to ensure the reliability of socially significant facilities. Thanks to the restoration of derelict electrical networks, whose ownership transfer was previously accepted by Yarenergo 0.26 MVA capacity was commissioned in surplus. These activities were performed by the branch pursuant to agreement between IDGC of Centre and the Government of the Yaroslavl region, which was concluded in the summer of 2011.

“We have successfully coped with the operation during the winter peak loads 2011-2012. We can breathe easy, but do not relax. A lot of work is ahead of us. We have already begun preparations for the next autumn-winter period. We have increased funding for the repair campaign, and we are planning an extensive renovation and new construction”, — stressed Igor Solonikov.

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