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Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre care about the safety of children


Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre as part of the program to prevent children’ injuries at power facilities conducted a lesson on electrical safety for pupils of 3-4 grade of school # 20 of the city of Tver.

The children learned about the rules of safe handling of electrical appliances, and that the electric grid facilities are not an acceptable place to play and display curiosity. The power engineers focused particular attention to ensure that children to have learned the simple truth: any electrical installation is a source of increased danger and ignorance can lead to tragic consequences.

The specialists Tverenergo in an affordable playful form explained why it is required to close windows during a storm, why not to go beyond the fences of substations, to penetrate into transformer cabinets and to play near power lines, to prevent ingress of water on the wires and touch the reinforced concrete poles of power lines. The power engineers also focused the kids’ attention on how to properly handle appliances, sockets and switches in the home. The pupils eagerly participated in the dialogue — asking questions, naming known electrical appliances.

The pupils showed particular interest in the master class to assist a victim with electric shock, where the victim was a training simulator called Gosha. After the explanations of the energy specialists the kids had a competition with interest in “resuscitation” of the dummy. The spirit of competition helped to learn and work out in practice the basic skills to rescue the man.

“We need to teach children that electricity cannot only serve the people, but also be dangerous, — stressed Head of Production Control and Safety Office of the branch Oleg Golubev. — The modern pace of life makes its own rules, so it is important for power engineers to bring information about the possible risks of electric shock to each child, as childhood should be happy and safe”.

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